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Tijuana Mexico Area Code

Nancy asks…

How do i use a pre paid card to mexico…..?

Like i got the card and her house number but i dont know i only got the house number do i need anything else then her house number???

Tijuana answers:

Yes, u also need the code to mexico first and the area code like dial:
52 + City Area Code + Number you wish to call.
Exmpl. 52-55-999-9999

Here are the different area codes:
Acapulco744La Paz612Santa Rosalia615
Celaya461Mexicali686Todos Santos612
Celestun988Mexico City55Toluca722
Ciudad Jimenez629Monterrey81Tulum984
Ciudad Juarez656Morelia443Tuxtla Gutierrez961
Cuernavaca777Puerto Vallarta322Veracruz229
Guadalajara33San Cristobal de Las Casas967Zamora351
Guanajuato473San Luis Potosi444Zitacuaro715

Maria asks…

What prefixes go with what telephone numbers in Mexico with their respective area codes, cities & states?

For example if 234 prefix number for Tijuana is a cell phone (If so, provider), a land line (If so, provider), a government number? Pagers? Nextel? Telcel?


Tijuana answers:

Follow these instructions:

-If you’re calling to a land line: +52 + city code + number

-If you’re calling to a Nextel mobile: +52 + city code + number (just as if you’re calling to a landline)

-If you’re calling to any other mobile number: +52 + 1 + city code + number

Please verify the total number of digits to dial when adding city code plus number is 10, always 10, doesn’t matter to what city you are calling to.

Sandra asks…

can you text someone from Tijuana to someone in California?

okay so my friend moved to tijuana and i livei n california and hes going to get a cellphone and to call and text me but the text messaes and call still come in? Btw i have metro pcs and idk what kind of carrier he is going to get…

Tijuana answers:

Yes, you can, but cell phones numbers are complicated in Mexico, to text or call a Mexican cell phone from the US you have to dial 011 52 1 (AAA) PPP-PPPP

But if you are calling a land phone, you have to ommit the 1 … Only 011 52 (AAA) PPP-PPPP

AAA–City Area Code
PPP-PPPP 7 Digit Phone

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