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Tijuana Mexico Area Code

Sandy asks…

Does anyoe knoe the area code for tijuana mexico?

Tijuana answers:

If you are dialing from the USA you will dial 011-52, and then the 10 digit number. 011 is the international code, and 052 is the country code. The area code in Tijuana is 664.

If you are dialing from within Mexico, it will be 01-664-10 digit number.

If you are dialing a cell phone there may be a different code. Perhaps, 011-52-045-664-XXX-XXXX. The 045 indicates a cell phone.

If it is a cell phone, you will hear something in spanish… Just listen and wait. They are telling you that there could be additional charges because you are calling a cell phone.



Mandy asks…

How do I call to a mexico cell phone from the U.S.A.?

My aunt is in Mexico and she bought a cell phone there, how do I call her 4rm U.S.A.?

Tijuana answers:

Acapulco 744 La Paz 612 Santa Rosalia 615
Aguascalientes 449 Lagunas 972 Tecate 665
Campeche 981 Leon 477 Tijuana 664
Cancun 998 Manzanillo 314 Tlaxcala 246
Celaya 461 Mexicali 686 Todos Santos 612
Celestun 988 Mexico City 55 Toluca 722
Cihuatlan 315 Merida 999 Torreon 871
Ciudad Jimenez 629 Monterrey 81 Tulum 984
Ciudad Juarez 656 Morelia 443 Tuxtla Gutierrez 961
Colima 312 Oaxaca 951 Uruapan 452
Comitan 963 Pachuca 771 Valladolid 985
Cordoba 271 Puebla 222 Valparaiso 457
Cuernavaca 777 Puerto Vallarta 322 Veracruz 229
Culiacan 667 Salamanca 464 Villahermosa 993
Durango 618 Saltillo 844 Zacatecas 492
Guadalajara 33 San Cristobal de Las Casas 967 Zamora 351
Guanajuato 473 San Luis Potosi 444 Zitacuaro 715

How to dial to Mexico cellular:

* for calls to a cell phone dial: 011 + 52 + 1 + area code (above) + number

Nancy asks…

Why most of the radio stations have their name starting with “K” or “W”? Why most often 4 letters?

Tijuana answers:

“K” and “W” are only in the US. The station owners choose their “call sign”, and many try to approximate where they’re located, such as KSAC might be in Sacramento, CA., or a local landmark, such as KABL in the San Francisco Bay Area, after the cable cars. They had a distinctive sound of the cable car bells whenever the call sign was given on air.

Many of the early radio stations had three letter calls signs, KGO in San Francisco, KSL in Salt Lake City, or KFI in Los Angeles. Sometimes the station used their network affiliation in the call sign, WABC or WCBS in New York, KABC in Los Angeles.

Stations in other countries use different letters. Canada starts with “C”, Mexico starts with “X” (XETRA in Tijuana) Other countries have their own letters as well. There is an international organization which controls the country codes, but within each country, the government controls the station call signs and all other details such as broadcast frequency and transmitter power.

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