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Tijuana Mexico Area Code

George asks…

Best places to go clubbing in Tijuana, Mexico?

Where are the best/safest places to go to. And is it safe for a young group of friends (18 yrs old)?

Tijuana answers:

Best and safest place to go would be Plaza del Zapato which is around Zona Rio. There are many clubs and bars in that area where many locals go and police is always around making sure people don’t get out of hand. They’ll allow you to walk around drunk and won’t bother you unless you’re being obnoxious and stupid. Clubs in Zona Rio are “La Roca” for club style/dancing (dress code.guys: collared shirt, dress shoes, girls:whatever hangs on, no sneakers). Red Lion/La Revancha are next to each other which get crowded and people don’t really dance but just sit and drink, stare at each other, and sing along to whatever is playing, might be a good experience of snobbish fat mexican culture (same dress code as la roca). Porky’s at Plaza del Zapato is pretty good, people are laid back always dancing and good electro/80’s/dance music and no dress code. There are also many other bars at Plaza del Zapato which you can try out, but I recommend Porky’s since its the most American friendly club/bar, and relatively safe unless you purposefully piss someone off.

If you’re looking for hip hop trashy stuff your best bet is Revolution Ave. But it’s not as safe and cops there sometimes extort tourists, a lot of bums walk around freely.

Always travel in group, set your phones to network only and you might be able to communicate with each other while in Tijuana. Use taxis that say LIBRE on their side and don’t eat at the 3 tacos for a dollar places. Don’t drink too much, use common sense, and have fun.

Helen asks…

looking for the owner of a phone number in mexico?

664-269-4493 telephone number in mexico

Tijuana answers:

You already narrowed it down to 3 instead of 110 million persons by stating the area code which belongs to Tijuana, Baja California. You should also look at a current telephone directory either in person or on the internet concerning the prefix number (269) which would narrow down the colonia or fraccioniamento (neighborhood) that it belongs to.

Thomas asks…

i want to make a phone from tijuana to ensenada mexico how do i dial the number using a standrad mexican house

Tijuana answers:

Just dial 01 then the area code from Ensenada then the number!

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