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Tijuana Mexico Area Code

Helen asks…

how do I make a long distance phone call from Tijuana to Monterrey, Mexico??

how do I dial??

Tijuana answers:

0181 and the number in Monterrey. 01 is for national long distance… 81 is Monterrey´s area code!

Richard asks…

what does this mean?

im trying to call tijuana mexico but have no idea how to i went to this one site and it said this Numbers must be preceeded with your international operator number
and country code of 52.

Tijuana answers:

Hey, brown eyez, i’m no expert, but maybe i can explain it to you…

First of all i’m assuming you are from the usa. Whenever you call outside of this country, canada, and puerto rico, you must precede the number of the person/place you are trying to reach with a 2 or 3 digit ‘country code.’ (in your case, i see that you have determined it is 52.) if you know your destination number, you can dial it all yourself. If not, and you require the assistance of an operator to help you find the number you need, then you will need to dial the country code, and the area code of the region, and ask to speak with a directory assistance operator.

I think that’s correct. Hope it helped.

David asks…

Urgent Question Help Please?

Can Anyone tell me how can i make a phone call from Los Angeles California to a cell phone in Guaymas Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Dial 011 (the international access code)
then dial 52 (the country code for Mexico)
then dial the city code for that phone number:
Acapulco: 744
Cancun: 998
Celaya GTO: 461
Chihuahua: 614
Ciudad Juarez: 656
Culiacan: 667
Guadalajara: 33
Hermosillo BCN: 658
Hermosillo SON: 662
La Paz BCS: 612
La Paz CHIH: 625
Loreto BCS: 613
Mazatlan GRO: 747
Mazatlan SIN: 669
Merida: 999
Mexicali: 686
Mexico Y Area Metropolitana: 55
Monterrey: 81
Puebla: 222
Puerto Vallarta: 322
San Luis Potosi: 444
Tampico: 833
Tijuana: 664
Torreon: 871
Veracruz: 229
Zacatecas: 492
If you don’t see the city code here, dial 00 to ask the long-distance operator
then dial the local telephone number
depending on your phone company, you may be able to finish by pressing #, which will connect the call more quickly.

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