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Tijuana Mexico Area Code

Donna asks…

what are the prefix numbers for dialing a number in Leon, Mexico? I live in Tijuana. Dale?

Tijuana answers:

The area code for Leon is 477.

Joseph asks…

who would you rather see oscar fight if not pacquiao?

margarito? williams? mayweather? cotto? mora? pavlik? etc.

Tijuana answers:

Pacquaio? See there’s the difference between Oscar and the true greats in boxing. Back when Oscar was a young pup, Chavez did not hesitate to fight him. Doesn’t matter if Chavez did it for pride or money, he fought him–twice. While Oscar was almost in his prime, Chavez was old and on a downhill slide to his career. Here we are all these years later and Oscar is just being Oscar again. Instead of fighting Williams, which he should since he beat Margarito, he’s fighting a a man half his size? Margarito vs. De La Hoya would garner a record pay-per-view audience that would easily top $100 million so that would eliminate Williams. I’m sure Williams has his fan base but outside the hardcore boxing fan who really knows him? Sure Margarito is not a household name–here in the U.S. But even though he was born in Torrance, he grew up in Tijuana and he’s the most well known boxer in Mexico as we speak.

Had Cotto won, I’m sure we’d be talking about De La Hoya – Cotto.

The last 2 ounces worth of respect I had for De La Hoya went down the toilet when I heard he would fight Pacquiao. I can see it now. Manny, at what? 5′ 2″? Will probably be bringing the fight to Oscar. Maybe Oscar will work up some energy and he might actually attack Manny like he tried to attack Floyd. However, Manny has the heart and punch of a much bigger man.

Pavlik? Too big. Too young. Too good. Too strong. It would be a replay of Oscar against Chavez only with the roles reversed. Oscar might be chicken but he’s not dumb. Pavlik would knock him into the next area code.

Mayweather? Too bored with boxing.

Mora? Mora? Mora? Who’s Mora???? Let him go back to that reality show. Oscar is better off fighting Tito again.

So regardless who he fights, I’ll be one of the bozos who’ll pay to see the fight in the hopes of seeing a decent fight.

Sharon asks…

What is the postcode for Mexico?Thanks!?

I’m heading to Tijuana

Tijuana answers:

If you go to USPS United States Postal Service web site they have the international codes for most places you have to look around where exactly are you shipping to in Mexico?
This is how you fill out the address
Apartado Postal or Street address
Postal Code
e.g. The Consul General of China in Mexico is
Consul General: Sun He
Av. Lomas del Monte 1614. Fracc. Lomas de Agua Caliente
Primera Secciòn Tijuana
B. C. 22440
You can replace the street address with the Apartado Postal address that is at the Post Office if they pick up there, is more secure or do not have house delivery in their area etc.
P.O.Box: Apartado Postal 2830

Postal Code: 22440

The general postal code for Tijuana seems to be 22101
Postal Code is in Spanish Codigo Postal
If you want to mail from Mexico go to the post office pay for mailing and write your regular address with United States at the bottom of the address. The mail is fairly slow in Mexico fast or slow it is slow and expensive. So I do not bother to mail from Mexico I cross the border and mail from there. I only saw postcards there once anyways and I was taking care of business so I did not bother to mail as I brought very few addresses with me as I know it is expensive to mail from Mexico more so than to mail to Mexico for some reason. Go figure I guess they figure if you can read and write or mail anything you have more money.

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