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Tijuana Mexico Area Code

Sandy asks…

I need help calling mexico?

my friend gave me this number 0446642017011 and i have been trying to call it but it hasnt been working, wats is wrong? i tink he lives in tjuana but im not sure, but im pretty sure, wat am i doing wrong? and its his cell phone.

Tijuana answers:


Usually to call to a cell phone in Mexico you have to dial the 011 52 1, and then the area code and number.

I found a whole article on calling in/to Mexico in a bulletin sent out by the mex insurance company we use for our car (link below) and it says that Verizon Wireless customers calling local wireless subscriber in Mexico dial this way:
044 + city code + 7 digit number

So using your friend’s number that means he was saying 044 + 664 + 201-7011. Can you check to see if 664 is the correct area code for Tijuana? Also, if you aren’t using Verizon wireless to call him, you may need to dial the normal way, which would be:

011 52 1 (664) 201-7011. Maybe he thought you had a Verizon cell phone too. If you are calling from a land line, you probably have to dial the more traditional way.

Good luck – I hope this (or the article) helps you get in touch with your friend!

Lisa asks…

How can i send a txt message to my brother that lives in Tijuana, Mexico?

I live in Texas, US. I have been trying to text him but the message always fails… I don’t really know what provider he has. But i have metro pcs…

If there isn’t a way could you provide me with a website that i can send free txt messages to him, and get them back online or on the cell?

Oh, also i have received a txt message from him, but coulnd’t answer back because it won’t go through.
I’ve already tried the
52-1-664 +his number
01152-1-664 +his number


Tijuana answers:

Hello Diana.
Well, even I think you speak spanish, I’ll answer on english.
As you already know, the mobile/ cellular phones numbers here are composed by 10 numbers (as in 2299222222) wich first four numbers are considered the area code (or region) and the rest are considered the “personal number”. So I think you just need to add the International code for Mexico, wich I understand is +52.
Now, there is another option, wich may works too. It is using the mobile company’s web site, and send him a text message trough it. The main companies here in Mexico (as TELCEL) offers this services (may requiere subscription) and are free for third parties (people who send the message, not for the one who receives it).
Well, I hope you find this helpful, I’m adding an interesting website info I found too.
Bst rgds from Mexico.

George asks…

anybody knows wich calling card from texas give you more minutes when you call to acell phone in mexico.?

Tijuana answers:

Here are the rates with onesuite!


Destination Country Name (To) Country Code Area/City Code Rate
Mexico 52 $0.0890
Mexico-Acapulco 52 744 $0.0500
Mexico-Celaya 52 461 $0.0600
Mexico-Chihuahua 52 614 $0.0600
Mexico-Ciudad Juarez 52 656 $0.0600
Mexico-Cuernavaca 52 777 $0.0500
Mexico-Guadalajara 52 33 $0.0300
Mexico-Irapuato 52 462 $0.0500
Mexico-Leon 52 477 $0.0450
Mexico-Mexico City 52 55 $0.0250
Mexico-Mobile 52 1 $0.2600
Mexico-Monterey 52 81 $0.0300
Mexico-Puebla 52 222 $0.0450
Mexico-Queretaro 52 442 $0.0500
Mexico-San Luis Potasi 52 444 $0.0500
Mexico-Tijuana 52 664 $0.0600
Mexico-Toluca 52 722 $0.0490

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