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Tijuana Mexico Crime

Carol asks…

How bad is Juarez Mexico really?

My husband wants to gi to juarez next month to visit his dad, everyone keeps telling me not to go and to so him from going because its too dangerous his dad says is fine tho. If its so dangerous y would his dad tell us to go any ways.I’ve never met the man and we have a 7 month old son also so I do kinda want to go to. Hire bad is it really? Should I make him go alone, not at all or go with him?

Tijuana answers:

Don’t go! My neighbor is from Juarez and she went in December and she said she was so afraid to even go out to eat. She stayed inside her compadres house the whole tim. They saw several dead bodies on the road, but did not actually see any of it happening. She has a black SUV Escalade and she borrowed her relatives older white truck to go. She said only the narcos (drug dealers) use those cars. She said it is getting worse each day. Why take a chance. You will not enjoy a place that you already fear before you even go and then with the baby, it’s not worth chancing it. My friend said that outsiders are very obvious and that makes you a target vs people that live there and blend in. Have your husband go and he can check it out, and he can decide if it is worth the risk next time. If he must go see his father, have him go alone. My neighbor doesn’t want to go back, but her and her mom still want to visit her brother which was deported for a crime (drugs) and last month she had her brother meet her in Tijuana instead. Your hubby might not agree and may cause some argument, but remember you have to look out for the lil one now!!

Donald asks…

For people who do or used to live in a Ghetto or Barrio?

I have heard and seen on TV horror stories about both areas. On my first motor trip to LA we got lost and ended up in the barrio. It was scary and due to all the stories I’d heard, I was in tears before we found our way out. Are these area as bad as depicted? Tell me some of your experiences.

Tijuana answers:

O.k. I been In Los Angeles CA, Philadelphia PA, Bronx NY,Mexico City, Tijuana Mexico
These are a bad as barrios. And never bad had hapen to me.
People watch to much TV News and movies,
Bad and good people are every where, some times people had time of bad luck, or people affiliated with a wrong people run on the opposite side. Of the gang. For example If you know your husband is a underground big time mafioso, you live in a expensive house and all that
is some day your husband made a mistake. Please don’t say why me i never do anything illegal. Yes You don’t but you Enjoy all the luxury and fancy life the mafia provide.
Getting back to your question. Every body is exposure to get robe in the streets, but what people have go to work have a life. Imagine if every body live in fears, streets will be empty, nobody will go up there where no Business, nobody will go to work, crime is every where
Look what George W Bush do to this country, sent to kill 1000’s of people in Irak and people is hanging around him.

Sharon asks…

Learning Spanish in Tijuana while commuting US-Mexico border 2+ times/week?

I’ve been thinking about commuting to a Berlitz language school in Tijuana, Mexico (very close to the border) twice, three times or more every week to learn Spanish much cheaper, probably a lot quicker and more effectively than if I were to take lessons at a Berlitz center here in the States (California).

Is this a good or bad idea?
Is the San Diego-Tijuana border area safe nowadays to do that?
Please tell me what you think about this.

Thank you. 🙂

Tijuana answers:

I commute everyday across the border, haven’t had a problem in years…

Unless you have a Sentri pass, the wait times are crazy in the normal lanes these days. The pedestrian crossing is always long.

That would be my only comment, otherwise if you’re concerned about crime in the SD/TJ area, it’s been very calm for quite some time now!

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