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Tijuana Mexico Crime

Steven asks…

I got my girlfriend pregnant but I’m not a citizen, what do I do now?

My name is Pedro I live in Tijuana, Mexico. I was with my girlfriend Alejandra, who lives in San Diego, for Christmas. I just found out my girlfriend was pregnant, and then I got deported. How do I return to the states to take care of my expectant girlfriend and ****?

Tijuana answers:

Be a man and take her with you. YOu will not be returning anytime soon and if you were deported for committing a crime, it may be never! You have a ban placed on you when you were deported. Nothing she does can change that especially before she gives birth!!

Maria asks…

Border Towns off limits to servicemen?

Is Tijuana off limits to the military? How about you guys out at Ft. Bliss TX. Is going over to Juarez a no-no? I’m curious, because recently I made my first visit in many years to one of these infamous places and didn’t see a single serviceman all night.

Tijuana answers:

Okay I was at Bliss TDY in the summer and Juarez was off limits to servicemen/women b/c of the amount of drug related crime … In fact some places in el paso were off limits because it was spilling over into texas …. When you are in school in Arizona, Mexico is also off limits

Mark asks…

What have you done about this amnesty fiasco?

Illegal Immigration Has Run Amok
Friday, Jun 1, 2007

The so-called immigration reform bill is amnesty. It provides favors and rewards for people who have broken our laws. If it is passed, it will — like the previous amnesty — send a message around the world: Cross the borders illegally and you will eventually be rewarded.

Rather than invite more immigrants in, Congress should declare a moratorium on all immigration, both legal and illegal. We can’t absorb the number of immigrants who are currently pouring into the country year after year.

Visit the mess that some people call Miami. That’s what the current immigration is creating — a million new people a year. Many of these people are no longer interested in assimilating. Most of the illegals come here to make money and send it back to their families in Mexico or wherever they come from. Many of them have no desire to become Americans. To them, we are just gringos.

The very idea that immigrants, both legal and illegal, feel bold enough to make demands and to stage demonstrations while flouting foreign flags tells you that they view the American political establishment as weak, weak, weak.

The policies of the Bush administration are among the most stupid in American history, but they top themselves in stupidity when they demand that Syria control its border with Iraq while our own border is a sieve.

What makes a country or a city are the people who live there. If you force natural-born American citizens to become a minority, then the United States they created will no longer exist. People who love open borders should visit the border in the Southwest. They should ask themselves: What makes San Diego different from Tijuana? If you had a choice, would you prefer to live in Tijuana? Where would you rather live — El Paso or Juarez?

It isn’t just angelic poor people who cross our borders illegally — it’s drug dealers, criminal gangs and, no doubt, terrorists. Thanks to our stupid policy, we now have a Russian mafia and some very vicious Latino gangs. Why should the American people be taxed to pay for the high costs of crime and the welfare costs that are a direct result of immigration?

True immigration reform must be done in stages. Stage 1 is to seal the border and enact harsh punishment for those employers who hire illegal immigrants. Harsh punishment should also be enacted against anyone who provides sanctuary to illegal immigrants. Let a few churches get confiscated and their preachers and elders be put in prison, and then we’ll see just how strongly they believe in violating American laws.

The Bush administration spreads manure about patriotism all the time. Well, if you love this country and its people, then defend the borders. Talk about homeland security? Nothing threatens that more than illegal immigration. The American people are going to lose their country if they don’t put some men and women in office who have enough backbone to stop the migration.

If you don’t think uncontrolled immigration is a problem, ask a Sioux or a Comanche or an Apache. Our European ancestors took this country away from Native Americans, and they did it with mass migration.

We can be overwhelmed, just like they were. We are 300 million Americans in a world of 6 billion. Let us not make the same mistake Native Americans made of welcoming newcomers, lest, like the Native Americans, we end up as remnants on reservations and in ghettoes. Better send a strong message to your congressmen and senators before they sell the country right out from under you.

Tijuana answers:

I’ve e-mailed both my Senators and my Representative, I’ve signed a petition and called the White House. I’m so pissed!

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