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Tijuana Mexico Crime

Donna asks…

Can you state an interesting fact about Tijuana?

Tijuana answers:

Together with San Diego, it is the most frequently crossed border in all of the world. There are 24 lanes going in one direction! Out of Mexico into the US, and nearby, still in Tijuana but a little to the eastern side, there are 12 more lanes, making for a total of 36 lanes! Wow! This is amazing. The trade that goes on between both countries, unfortunately is also responsible for the crime scene. If there were no American Market for drugs, there’d be no drugs.

Sandra asks…

Are there curfews in the Navy?

If you live on a ship or barracks. Do you need to be back a certain time?

Tijuana answers:

Depends on the command, a person’s pay grade, and if they get into trouble.

At my last foreign liberty port, in Mexico, the captain declared “Cinderella liberty” for all E-3 and below. Those men had to be back onboard before midnight each night; petty officers, chiefs, and officers only had to be back by 0700 on their duty days. Some other ship captains did not do that.

At one time, all sailors and Marines had to be back from Tijuana, Mexico by a certain time. Due to the high crime in the area, there was a curfew for some time.

I have known sailors who were limited in their liberty privileges due to poor performance/behavior. That was done only on an individual basis.

Of course, all sailors have to report at certain muster times.

Betty asks…

what is themost dangerous neighborhood in your city? how dangerous? how cool?

Im form mexico city and where i lived was kinda dangerous… most people had weapons (to protect their houses) gangs were not a big problem, they are small and even though they have weapons (butterfly knives, AK’S ETC) not very dangerous,some fights every now and then,few people died in fights. in some other sectors of the city,kids solve their problems not fighting but with bullets (middle school kids,) and police doesnt even want to go into those negihborhoods because people throw shit at them or they even get shot… how about your city?

Tijuana answers:

South East San Diego is filled with gangs, but I used to live in Tijuana and it’s much worst there. We lived in a semi nice neighborhood with little crime, but only because a big drug dealer lived in the neighborhood as well. I remember there was a nice house across the street I remember it had fancy chairs and decorations and I always wondered why it was nicer than everyone’s else. Then one night some guys drove by and started shooting the place and then we realized a cartel drug dealer lived there so we moved out fast, however those times weren’t as bad as right now there’s shooting everywhere. I live in San Diego now not a bad city I recommend it.

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