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Tijuana Mexico Crime

Maria asks…

Should we only help our own kind/Country?

I have heard more and more comments about Mexican illegal immigrants using a guide called a “coyote” to help them cross into the US. They say “How can an illegal afford $2000 to come into the US, yet the reason they are coming is because they are poor?” Where here is the answer. They have a friend or family member in the US wire the money to them in Mexico, they then pay the coyote and come,work, and pay the person back. Why am I telling you this? Because I am tired of hearing it! They ARE poor in most places in Mexico and live at a poverty level much worse than our own ghettos. If you went to central or south Mexico (not acapulco) and met them you would see that it IS bad, it is not uncommon for people to have no bathrooms, no running water, no cars, no food unless they grow/raise it themselves. Things are changing now that they are sending money home. So my question is: Why be so upset that immigrants are helping others, even if they are not from the US?
our own kind= our race
our own country= USA
I think what most “supporters of illegals” as you call them are saying is that there is NO REASON to be a poor American, we have opportunities out the wahzoo! If you want money, it is easy to get, just work hard! In Mexico you can work hard, you just dont get a tenth of the money you do here!
If they are poor and starving in the ghettos, why dont they use welfare or get a F***ing job! Seriously, the opportunities ARE THERE! I grew up poorer than I would have liked, but we ate, my parents both worked and we lived in a trailer park. What I am talking about is not what I went through being poor, but what my husband did in Mexico, no water, no heat, a house made of dirt blocks, on a dirt street, not getting meat everyday, eating what they could grow on their dry land! You just have no idea!
Nice that people would rather insult me than to actually read and answer the question. I am truly sorry that it is so long.
I dont know any coyotes nor do I support them. And that is peSo.
Wow, you people really are inhumane, if they are not like you and from your country you really dont give a sh*t if they live or die. I dont know why I thought anyone would understand, you live in your American bubble and will die there middle-class and full of hate. I wonder what it would be like if you were dying and the only person to help was a illegal Mexican person. Would they help you? Maybe not if they KNEW you.
interesting argument. I could stand to have people break in and clean my house/do my yard work.

Tijuana answers:

I have gone to Mexico before, unlike amy of the people here who comment on it ignorantly.

On the beach in Tijuana, a corrugated border wall that extends about 100 feet into the ocean divides the U.S. From Mexico. The wall divides two different worlds.

On the Tijuana side, the barrier is covered by a memorial to those who died trying to cross into the U.S. While we were on the beach during a recent visit, small children ran up to us begging for food.

That same day, an injured seal washed up on shore on the U.S. Side. San Diego’s Sea World immediately sent a rescue crew in a Land Rover. Aquarium employees assured us that the seal would be transported safely to Sea World, where it would be fed and its injuries tended to.

The contrast with the future that faces human beings on the other side of the wall couldn’t be more obvious. More than half of Mexico’s population lives at or below the official poverty line. Many survive on less than 1,200 calories a day–half of what’s considered necessary to remain healthy.

Of course, this isn’t because there’s not enough food. The real source of the poverty is an economic system that depends on competition between Mexican and American workers.

That’s why the U.S. Has turned its border with Mexico into a militarized zone–with Border Patrol agents armed with the latest weapons. Since 1994, the US administration has poured money into border enforcement. The effect has been to make crossing into the U.S. More dangerous than ever–leading to increased deaths among Mexicans whose only “crime” was to want a better life.

We Americans, rolling in our over-abundance of money, food, and basically anything we want we can get attitude should be ashamed to not welcome these people in.

There is no “immigrant crisis” at all. It is a myth. It is a political move aimed at US citizens anger and predjudice, aimed to rile up people and direct thier discontent over the quagmire in Iraq and the Katrina neglect, and the corporate fleecing of our economy… It works, poor people are easy scapegoats, all of the people who buy into this nonsense about a “crisis” should hang thier heads in shame. Especially the ones who support these neo-nazi hategroups like the MinuteKlan.

Nancy asks…

Does Mexico even do anything about the drug crime?

This question is always asked. What do you think about it?
Mexico cracks down on Tijuana drug crime

TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — Mexico is sending more than 3,000 soldiers and federal police to the violent border city of Tijuana to fight drug trafficking, the interior secretary said Tuesday, the latest offensive by President Felipe Calderon who has vowed to crack down on organized crime.

“We will carry out all the necessary actions to retake every region of national territory,” Ramirez Acuna said. “We will not allow any state to be a hostage of drug traffickers or organized crime.”

The troops have arrested more than 50 people, including several suspected leaders of the feuding cartels, and seized large quantities of gold, bulletproof vests, military equipment and shirts with federal and municipal police logos.

Tijuana answers:

This is kind of an old think to say but is completely true, as long as there are buyers, there is product and of course sellers. And guess who is the main consumer of this product. Nobody could sue Mc Donald’s for the obesity of millions of consumers, nobody put you a gun to eat crap, it is your own decision. But Felipe Calderon is the only president in a long, long time who has done significant move to fight, somehow the narcs are really powerful and guess where they get that much armament.

William asks…

is there all night pawn shops in tijuana mexico?

if there are where are they located

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is very dangerous. Avoid Mexico. The crime will kill you. When in Mexico, Register your visit with the State Department. They’ll use your information to help identify your body.

Mexicans launder drug money in their numerous casinos, found in all major cities, cockfights, bullfighting arenas and fairs. It’s big business in Mexico.

State Department Advisory relating to the crime in Mexico:
“crime and violence are serious problems and can occur anywhere.”

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