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Tijuana Mexico Crime

George asks…

if a Mexican national commits a felony in Mexico and is jailed why doesn’t he lose his American tourist visa?

My ex girlfriend stole $2,000.00 from me to get her brother out of a Tijuana jail his bail was higher than that his wife also had to use what cash they had I know the cops are tough but they wont jail anybody unless they actually commit a crime .
his name is Teodulo Santiago Del Angel he’s in the Mexican Army stationed in Tijuana Mexico the first time I met him he tried to illegally sell me a pistol to which I said no because I don’t like guns and I live on base and didn’t want to jeopardize my navy career for something so stupid I don’t know what his official charge was but I know it was a felony and since he’s offered to sell me an illegal gun I believe that was the charge because he always has extra money to throw around which is very unusual on a monthly salary that’s less than $500.00 a month especially when he has 2 kids and a wife to support. How can he be reported to the proper authorities and have his tourist visa revoked?
pick up the phone and call Ghost busters?
I’m looking for a specific agency and number thanks,

Tijuana answers:

Pick up the phone.

Susan asks…

Why is Mexico:sending 3,000 Soldiers and Police to Tijuana?

The government of Mexico announced that it was sending more than 3,000 soldiers and federal police officers to fight drug gangs in the border city of Tijuana, the latest offensive by President Felipe Calderón, who has promised to smash organized crime. The force, backed by boats, planes and helicopters, will mount checkpoints in the city, patrol the coast and hunt down traffickers, Interior Secretary Francisco Ramírez Acuña said. Tijuana, over the border from San Diego, has long been one of the favorite smuggling routes for drugs to the United States. Last year, more than 300 killings occurred in the city.

Do you think this will help control the drug flow ?
Do you think the soldiers should help in stopping the flow of illegal aliens into the US ? What do you think about this action by Mexico,
will it help at all with stopping anything,or is it just more smoke and no fire ?
Yes I provided background for the question,the real questions are just above.Thank you
I am for anything that will help improve Mexicos economy for its poorest people.

Tijuana answers:

The presence of army troops may slow the drug trade for a short while, but, as always they will find a way to make money with their illicit drugs. As far as slowing illegal immigration, I dont think so, they have no mandate to keep mexican nationals from exiting the country, until that happens, its a case of ” I see nothing.” I believe that this is a political ploy to assuage the growing anger of American citizens who are fed up by the inaction of Mexico to actually do a single thing to address the many faceted problems along our common border. It may also be an attempt to prevent the increase of American National Guardspeople by showing a military presence in the border area.

Linda asks…

My mother and I are traveling to San Diego Weds-Sat…?

I’m 20, my mother is 50, we’ve been to San Diego a bunch of times before, this time we’re trying to keep the spending down because I’ve recently purchased a car, and she’s just moved, but we’re taking a mini vacation.

We plan to spend most of our days on the beach and at a couple of the museams.

We were looking for some (local) or any advice anyone can give for:

Inexpenisve dining.
Traveling to Tijuana Mexico (I heard that the crime is really bad there now!)

And any other quirks that might be worth looking into.

Tijuana answers:

If you can travel during the week you will save money.

On Tuesdays some of the museums in Balboa Park will have free admission. The Botanical building and gardens are always free. An inexpensive lunch….great sandwiches at reasonable prices can be found in the Sports Museum. You can go in and eat without visiting this museum. For more info on the museums in San Diego visit:

Take a short drive up to the top of Mt. Soledad in La Jolla. It’s a great view and free.

For an inexpensive cruise on the bay, try the Bahia Belle. This old fashion sternwheeler only costs $6. It sails back and forth from Bahia Resort in Mission Bay to Catamaran Resort in Pacific Beach. You can ride back and forth and even get off and back.

If you go to Tijuana, don’t drive your car. You can take a bus across the border that will drop you off in the shopping district. There are parking lots near the border where you park your car and board the buses. Don’t go at night.

Have fun!

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