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Tijuana Mexico Crime

Betty asks…

I am moving to tijuana, can i load our truck up with furniture, pictures, clothes ect and be ok to cross?

I want to move me and my children to tijuana, will they let me cross if I want to load up out truck with all of our stuff, (TVs, couches,beds, kitchen cookware, pictures,ect.)??? I don’t want to get to the boarder and then be turned away or have to leave a bunch of our stuff there.

Tijuana answers:

All the items for personal use are suppose to be duty free.
There are some stuff you can not cross like plants, tires, some food.

You can get all the information in this link, it’s the official web page:

By the way, I was born and raised in Tijuana, still live here, I have never been a victim of a violent crime, or any crime as a matter of fact. I studied here, I am a psychologist have a grate job and equally grate pay. I have never lived surrounded by drugs and prostitution and I live near downtown ( a block away )

I hope the link helps!
Welcome to Tijuana!

George asks…

Which city in Mexico to go to and which hotel to choose ?

Hi, I live in LA and want to drive to Mexico for the weekend. I was wondering if there are any cities that are not too far from LA that I can drive to, and you’ll recommend. I’ve heard to stay away from Tijuana. So if there is a city that you enjoyed please let me know. Would you recommend any hotels ? Thanks 🙂 !

Tijuana answers:

Driving distance from SoCal, eh?

Well, Ensenada is always a good choice — it’s pretty nice and there’s quite a bit to do there.

Another idea would be to drive southwest of San Diego on route 94 and cross the border at Tecate, then follow the road from there to Ensenada. There’s less crowds than at San Ysidro, less commotion, less crime, plus you’ll drive through a scenic rural area where most of Mexico’s wine industry is located. Some of the wineries have vineyard tours and wine tastings, and some even have tasting rooms in Ensenada itself. Just an idea if you’re into wines…

Have fun!

Lizzie asks…

Which is the best border town with Mexico to live in the US?

I want to move to a border town. I love going to Mexico and dating Hispanic women. Could be anywhere from Texas to Arizona, New Mexico or California. Which city would be my best choice as far as all aspects including women, jobs, attractions, safety, etc

Tijuana answers:

I am moving to El Paso TX and have done some research on this city. It is concidered one of the top ten safest cities in the U.S. But I wouldn’t trust going across the border to Juarez. It’s just not the way it used to be before. Even Tijuana has been “dubbed” as top city in Mexico for Crime activities and so has Juarez. Why not find Hispanic Women on this side of border??????

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