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Tijuana Mexico Crime

Mark asks…

What is the best way to visit Tijuana while staying in San Diego?

The last time I did this I took the bus. I’m thinking about other options like renting a car and driving over or taking a taxi to the border then walking over. Or maybe the bus is the best way?

Tijuana answers:

Things to think about:

1. TJ’s Crime is Horrible!!
2. Cops and Drug dealers are on the same team.
3. Carjacking is always common.
4. They take to all Americans, and see them as all having money.
5. If you drive, make sure you have Car Insurance that covers you in Mexico.
6. Do you need a passport now a days?
7. Plus, there are SOOOOOO many other things to see in Southern California! (If you want names, Ill give you names)
8. You must go with a group!

Betty asks…

Is it safe to go on a family vacation to Mexico?

We’d like to go to a resort in mexico this summer but with all the recent drug cartel activity it makes me really nervous. I’d like to go to cabo or mayan riviera

Tijuana answers:

Flying into a resort town in Mexico is very safe–tens of thousands of kids went to Cancun and the Riveria Maya for spring break and all returned safely. The drug cartels are only a problem in the border cities like Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez.
Violent crime is almost non-existent outside the border states of Mexico. Take the same precautions you would take in any large city in the US. You wouldn’t wander down dark alleys in Washington DC, so don’t do it in Mexico.

Nancy asks…

Is Los Mochis a safe place to stay for a few months>?

Going to Los Mochis for job, but concerned about the drug cartel and crime there. Is it a safe place for a lengthy stay?

Tijuana answers:

Sinaloa has been affected by the drug violence. Not the safest city in Mexico, but out of the northern cities, it’s much much safer than Tijuana or Ciudad Juarez which are very dangerous. If you’re forced to live there for a few months for work, try to find out what your living accommodations will be like and how will you get from your job to your place. In some of these foreign companies they have special living quarters for the entire company which are usually pretty safe.

You will have to be very careful about pickpockets, not going out in dark alleys at night alone and don’t flash fancy stuff like your laptop in the street. You will otherwise be begging MUG ME. Oh, NEVER get money out of an empty ATM in the middle of the night, it’s possible to get mugged on the spot. Never been to Sinaloa, but save from the violence people say that architecture is really nice and the average people are rather friendly.

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