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Tijuana Mexico Crime

Sandy asks…

Why does Tijuana have such a bad reputation?

I live in Otay Mesa in SD…Not too far from Tijuana.

In my opinion, it’s a great city and it’s not as run-down and crime-ridden as Americans make it out to be.

Some Americans even move there for a lower cost of living.

Are people assuming it’s bad just because there’s Mexicans there?

Tijuana answers:

In many american movies, when they show parts of mexico, they always show Tijuana, only the baddest parts. Like the areas with prostitution and bars and stuff like that. People need to be realistic, in every city, there is a bad zone, not just tijuana.

Susan asks…

How can I get my car back that was found in Mexico?

It was stolen from San Diego, CA. The police contacted us and said a Mexico police officer found it and when we went to go pick it up the person at the police department said they knew nothing about it!

Tijuana answers:

It would not be unheard of for the Mexican police to be using your car after “finding” it, or offering to get it back to you for a “finder’s fee” or after paying an “impound fee”.

Aside from working with the US Consulate, Tijuana, you could also go through the San Diego Police Mexican Liaison Office, the international liaison unit of the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, or the National Insurance Crime Bureau for assistance.

See the following sites for contact information:

Linda asks…

Where should i go for a fun vacation?

Im 22, single, and I kind of want to go alone and meet some people. I was thinking mexico but which part?

Tijuana answers:

Cabo San Lucas.
Puerto Vallarta.
(if you want the beach and resorts)

If not try Mexico City, Nogolas, or Tijuana.

There are also places to go if you are interested in looking at ruins.

Try looking at tourism sites. It depends on if you want to party, or observe a countries culture (rural or urban – rich or poor).

If you go alone, I would suggest going to a resort rather than a city – there is too much crime in cities (especially those that are in poverty). Plus, your chances increase when you are alone…

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