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Tijuana Mexico Crime

George asks…

Tijuana mexico? whats it like here to stay a couple of nights?

me and my boyfriend are 21yrs old and would like 2 spend a couple of nights in mexico. since this is so close to the border (as we will be basinbg our selves in LA for mojorityofour holiday) is this a good spot 2 visit orshouldwe fly to cabo? i just want to experience the mexican culture?

Tijuana answers:

Fly to cabo or puerto vallarta…stay away from tijuana..unless you want to experience thugs ..pickpockets…thieves….hookers and rampent crime as it is a border town

Linda asks…

How are organized crime syndicates formed?

How are operations like the Crips, the Bloods, “the Mafia”, etc get started and get so huge?

Tijuana answers:

Organized crime gets formed from ppl that cant get a regular job and in order to make money they dedicate them sels to extortion,murder for hire,and selling drugs…today the worlds most powerful crime organizations are the redmafia aka the russian mafia & the mexican cartels,the sinaloa cartel,the gulf cartel,the juarez cartel,& the tijuana cartel…the colombians were once the main players but they fell off…the mexicans distribute bolivian,peruvian,&colombian cocaine & mexicans also have super labs that produce crystal meth the most demanded drug today..mexicans also bring in peyote,heroin,marijuana,extasy & anything you can think of…it is said that al qaida has asked the mexicans cartels to smuggle in dirty bombs for them but the mexicans have refused many times because al qaida would be killing mexicos main customer!

David asks…

Why are they saying don’t visit mexico when America is just as dangerous?

2010 US Murders: 14.7k
2010 Mexico Murders : 15.3k

And rapes and other crimes in America are 3 times higher than in Mexico, so overall America is more dangerous.

Tijuana answers:

I live close to Tijuana and I used to go party in Mexico, but since the cartel drug war its gotten really dangers down there. The Zetas will shot a busy restaurant just to kill one guy and it doesn’t matter if they kill innocent people to, they murder kids,cops, elderly they really don’t care.

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