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Tijuana Mexico Crime

David asks…

Has there ever been a criminal police chase in Yukon on an unpaved gravel road?

This would be a funny thought.

A visitor sells what appears to be $100,000 of mined Klondike gold to a guy in Dawson City, YT but it’s fake and he has the $100,000 cash in SUV obtained through fraudulent acts

He then makes a run for the “Top of the World Highway” at 140km/h and gets a head start because the crime was reported after the Dawson to West Dawson ferry already made it to West Dawson. Then ferry got delayed and police stuck in Dawson City.

On Top of the World Highway finally police catch up using skidoos but a Mother Grizzily Bear and baby cub save the potential suspect by coincidentally blocking the police guy from
Getting out to ask for license and registration and taking in the suspect

While police fight with time to get out the bear spray, the suspect heads off towards Chicken, Alaska

The Police transmit a signal using satellite phone or CB to US-Canada border on Yukon highway 9 top of the world highway. Police form a SWAT team
waiting on the US-Canada boundary

They also form a SWAT team on the boundary of West Dawson – Dawson Yukon River and temporarily close the Ferry system

The suspect drives back towards West Dawson and swims across the Yukon River with an altered appearance. In the SUV for camping purposes, the suspect had scissors and used them to trim
His hair

Suspect gets to Dawson and steals a stern wheeler which he boats down the river to Whitehorse. He then hitches a ride to Fraser BC and gets on the White Pass rail train to Skaguay, Alaska

In Skaguay he makes a deal with Sopey Smith’s great grandson to give half his $100,000 in order that Sopey smith, Jr. will set up a scheme where the whole $100,000 money is returned to the frauded customer only if he agrees to play cards with Sopey smith, Jr. In Skaguay instead of at the Palace Grand in Dawson. His travel costs to Whitehorse and Skaguay will also be reimbursed

Sopey smith, Jr. Gets acceptance on the offer but fixes the odds do the gold customer loses all his $100,000 and saw right through the frauded customer’s gullibility

Frauded customer drops the charges and Sopey makes a $100,000 donation to Yukon law enforcement to drop the case

Fraud suspect takes Alaska marine highway to Bellingham, Washington and walks away with $100,000 which he then takes with him on a greyhound down I-5 to Tijuana, Mexico where he lives like a king on his $100,000 worth of pesos the rest of his life

Something like this story?
Oh the way suspect made it to swimming the Yukon was he didnt drive up to the river, he parks at the west Dawson hostel and then nature path to Yukon river

Police would have sent vehicles in opposite directions from Dawson and US-Alaska to close in on the suspect but they waited too long because suspect already swam across Yukon

The time delay on police end was they ran out of bear spray
Oh and the skidoo guys end up making the mistake of not waiting for the suspect to head back and instead merged with Yukon River Swat team


Tijuana answers:

You’ve been to Dawson – you know better. 140km/h on the Top of the World? You’d miss the first bend past the golf course turn off, or, go off the road at the sandy patch just past that.

There was a bit of a chase last year up near the Dempster turn off, although I don’t know if they made it up the Dempster at all.

And SWAT teams? LOL!

Chris asks…

Is the country of mexico getting safer or worse for civilians?

is mexico getting safer or worser lately ive heard on the news about 11 kidnappes in mexico and almos a.decade ago the war on drugs cartels started and it hasnt.been pretty for no body and well i just wanna know if mexico is.getting safer like is.the war ever going to stop and by stopping i mean the soldiers not.being deployed to cities.and
criminals not killing so much people (innocent) is it safe.this year do you guys THINK it will be next year? i just want to know.cause.i miss the.old mexico were we.could.go out at night and have fun without being threaten by anyone can you please just give me.your opinions or toughts?? i want information if you have any about safety

thank you very much 🙂 God.bless you 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Safer with the new President. The drug on wars has been a failure. The only way to control drug use is from the demand side, not the supply side. We should have learned that during prohibition. The new President is not going to prosecute for drug crimes but will focus on murder and kidnappings. There is still the issue of which cartel will control which drug route. Tijuana is the crown jewel because it is close to a major population area. It is likely that the government will pick who the winner is of each route.

You’ve heard a lot less bad news about Mexico lately, haven’t you?

Unfortunately, corruption and weak rule of law remain problems in Mexico. However, drugs wars have been the main reason for violence.

James asks…

ilegal immigrants and legal immigrants, how does it work?

i have a question (writing a thesis so need some info)

why do immigrants come to the u.s illegally? cant they come as legal immigrants? they can right so why dont they? i’m confused can someone please explain?

and how do they come here illegally? (its wrong to break the law and if they come here illegally isnt that a crime?) if its illegal then how do they come? why and how dont they get caught?

pls explain someone i am confused, the difference between illegal and legal immigrants is that legal immigrants followed the law and came here and illegal broke the law and came right?
so can a legal immigrant be granted citizenship?

Tijuana answers:

Why don’t get illegal immigrants get in line and come to the U.S. Legally?

In order to get an immigrant visa to the U.S., the foreigner needs to be the “immediate relative” (child/parent/spouse) of a U.S. Citizen, a multi-millionaire investor, or a top-notch professional with a doctorate degree and international recognition.
Only such people can immigrate to the U.S. Period!

In order to get a work visa (which is a non-immigrant visa), the foreigner needs to have at least some academic degree and needs to be petitioned by a U.S. Company. This company has to prove that nobody among the 312,800,000+ people in the U.S. Can do what Jose from Mexico can do. It involves labor certification and high costs for the company.
Jose, who picks strawberries, doesn’t have a chance.

In order to get a visitor’s visa, (which also is a non-immigrant visa), the foreigner needs to prove that he will return to his home country once the vacation is over. What they want to see is real estate, a government job, plenty of money in the bank, family ties.
Jose doesn’t stand a chance to get one.

As you can see, there is no line for people who want to come to the U.S. An architect or attorney or doctor from Finland, England, Italy or France doesn’t have a chance immigrating to the U.S., not even with several hundred thousand dollars of savings.

There is no line a Mexican could get into. That’s something people do not understand. If there was such a line, it would be thousands of miles long , going all the way from Tijuana to San Paolo, Brazil.

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