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Tijuana Mexico Crime Rate

Donald asks…

Why is gun control a priority instead of mental health?

Tijuana answers:

Because gun control is easier for the government to point blame at and change as opposed to mental health.

It’s sad what happened last week, but because of 1 terrible incident people feel like we need to completely outlaw guns…that is absurd! All you have to do is take a look at Switzerland…They have one of the lowest crime rates in the WORLD, and yet they have the highest gun ownership in the world as well.

Then look at Mexico, where guns are illegal to own
…One of the highest crime rates in the world. And who still manages to get ahold of guns? Drug cartels.

Moral of the story…you outlaw guns, and only outlaws will have guns, because outlaws don’t care for the law. If they have no emotional problem killing another human being, they have no problem breaking a law that bans ownership of guns. Simple as that.

P.S. And yes, that kid who went on the shooting at Sandy Hook probably did have mental problems. Just last night there was an interview out on the news with the kids barber. He said the kid would come in and he seemed disturbed…wouldn’t even look at himself in the mirror when he was sitting in the barber’s chair. Spent the whole time looking down at the ground. And if having the mental ability to go out on a killing spree is not considered as having a mental health issue, then there is something wrong with society.

Laura asks…

If Mexico is so unsafe, why is there over a million americans living there?

Tijuana answers:

Because most Americans who do live in Mexico are smart enough to realize that media hype is often a poor reflection of reality.

While violence continues to be a real problem in the U.S. / Mexico border region, most cities and states in Mexico’s interior are safe. Most FAR safer than places you might want to travel to in the United States (did you know that Orlando has one of the HIGHEST crime rates in the U.S. ??? True, but hardly mentioned in mainstream U.S. Media…your chance of becoming a crime victim is far higher when you do a Disney World vacation than when you visit most Mexican resort areas.)

Unless you’re staying in places like Tijuana, Cuidad Juarez, or Nuevo Laredo, chances are pretty slim that you’re going to be a crime statistic while in Mexico.

Ken asks…

What’s more dangerous, Mexico or South Africa?

Mexico City or Cape Town?

Tijuana answers:

Check out the Global Peace Index. It lists 144 countries from the most peaceful to the most dangerous ( There you’ll see Mexico in the 108th place, so it’s not considered one of the 30 most dangerous countries yet.

South Africa does, it is in the 123rd place and USA is in the 83rd place, so it’s not exactly peaceful at all either.

And relating to the cities, Mexico City does not appear in the top ten of the most dangerous cities in the world as Cape Town or Johannesburg in South Africa and even some cities in the US do.

Unfortunately, there are two Mexican cities in the different lists of the world’s most dangerous: Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana. Sometimes they appear as numer one or two, sometimes beyond the 10th place, well below other cities like Medellin or Bogota in Colombia, Rio de Janeiro or Johannesburg, South Africa. However, New Orleans, Baltimore, St. Louis or Detroit appear close to the 1st. Place in some of those lists too.

Please stop trying to show Mexico as a place in war. Yes, crime has been increasing lately and there are some cities with high rates of delinquency, but not all the country is the same thing.

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