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Tijuana Mexico Crime Rate

Joseph asks…

Where would you tell people not to go on vacation?

Tijuana answers:

Acapulco and Tijuana, Mexico.

Acapulco is now a drug dealers haven and crime is rampant. Last year, homicides approached the 2,000 mark.

Tijuana is filthy and women sleep on the streets and try to sell Americans, their children. And, you will never see a dog. Why?

NOT recommended. 73

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Thomas asks…

Moving To Punta Bandera’s From The US, Opinions? Advice?

I’ll be moving into a nice 3BR Oceanfront property in Punta Bandera’s from the US in a month, anything I should know ahead of time?

How reliable are the utilities? Internet Ect.
Crime rate compared to living directly in Tijuana Or Rosarito?
Should I bring my car? Do I need it? Extra Fee’s If brought?
Anything I need to know before making the move that will help.

Thanks ahead of time.

Tijuana answers:

A car would be extremely helpful . I would keep the car registered in the U.S. To avoid the importation headaches. If you continue to live in Punta Bandera and need to buy another car I would buy it in a state with lower fees like Oregon or South Dakota . Buying and registering one in California will cost thousands more .

The utilities are much better than the past when they use to have frequent blackouts . Water would be my biggest concern because some areas have water outages. Make sure you have a large tinaco or two and or a cistern . Crime rate is defiantly lower than in the towns and cities .

You will probably need a different cellphone , but I’m no excerpt on the plans .

To avoid paying import duties , keep your receipts and try to limit new items in their packaging when you transport your items into Mexico . Claim your items as personal use .

Sandy asks…

is it a good idea to move to Tijuana?

I am thinking about moving to Tijuana, times are hard right now and i need to save money. I’m just not sure if moving to Tijuana is the right answer. I have heard a lot about the crime rate but the people that i know that live in Tijuana say that the thing that they say here is over exaggerated . so i just don’t know what to do….. can some one please give me some advice. thanks

Tijuana answers:

I moved to Baja from the US – but i live way down South, about 2 hours from TJ. But I drive thru TJ on the way back to the states and i feel perfectly safe. I have heard there are beautiful, safe parts of TJ – just like any big city. Do your research first. I’m sure you will find some very nice things about TJ. I personally would not want to live there, but thats just because I’m spoiled here in my safe part of the world. The crime is centered on the drug traffic areas, in these border towns. It can and does spill over into other areas- if you are unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like any other place in the world. If youre not into traffcking drugs, you should be safe anywhere in MExico as long as you stay away from those areas at night, and yes, during the day, people get in trouble.

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