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Tijuana Mexico Crime Rate

James asks…

have u ever been to tijuana?

i m currently residing right above the mexico region, san diego… i just heard the area like tijuana is ghetto and has high poverty and crime rate .. people there are so dangerous and violent.. I AM SCARED.. how can I protect myself from the risky factors
I’d never want to go there but what I was worried about was those who cross the border and stay around here.. im so scared because weirdly there r so many mexicans in s.d.

Tijuana answers:

They are not coming up to get you!
Remember, you can’t just walk into USA like you used to be able to!
Don’t go to the bad parts of SD and stay out of tijuana and you will be fine. Just be aware of what is going on around you.

Robert asks…

Question for minorities, Black people specifically…?

Name of the best cities to live in and the worst cities to live in and why….ALSO,if you can, list the places youve treaveled to or lived in…i Start with myself as an exxample
…Im Personally from Detroit, MI = Pros: predominately Black, Tiger Stadium, Joe Louis Arena, Orcehstra Hall, Music Hall, Fox Theatre, and a number of other things….Cons, oppurtunities are not as great because it is predominately Black, high crime rate, the mayor troubles, and the large gap between the haves and have nots. surrounding suburban areas, Muskegon, MI,

but I live in Austin, TX= Pros..pretty geographically, small hills, bike riding, river canoing,hiking, out door activities, clean, great oppurtunities Cons=…only 10% Black and activities really not geared for the enjoyment of Black people too. Rude, racist, evil majority who dont want to see Black people here.
Ive been to San Anotnio=is great to see Mexicans have a home of there own, ALamo, Riverwalk, its pretty Cons…didnt really notice any but that its a military town and mostly Hispanics
Houston= Pros, very very diverse, huge, lots of land, lots to do Cons….not too clean, too many freeways, too spread out so it takes quite some time to get to your destination, stop and stop traffic in 105 degree weather
29 Palms CA= desert, mountains, largest Marine base, nothing to do, peaceful and quiet if solitude is your desire cons…nothing to do, and quiet, economy there is based on the military personnel
San Diego has ocean, large Naval Base, pretty, diverse
LA,( idk….just drove there to go to the LAX)
Vegas Pros=pretty, desert, mountains, hundreds of lights ontop of every bldg, casinos on every block some with roller coasters ontop, others with rotating resturants, beautiful ppl that looks like they grow money Cons(wasnt there long enough)
Mexicos’ Tijuana Pros = right across the border Cons= feel bad for the natives, especially the children
Ive drove through Little Rock, AR=sweet to see so many Black people Cons= wasnt to clean and they didnt seem so bright
St. Louis, Missouri…Pros= the bride(wasnt there long enough) Indianapolis, Indiana
Memphis TN Pros…it was so pretty and soooo much land, Cons…only drove thru
Chicago, IL, and Ohio Pros=average qualities of a Midwestern state

So, I am highly contemplating due to the severe racism Ive been experiencing on my quest as a professional to return to a more diverse place that is predominately Black, but not much crime and still have the qualities of a place that is predominately white. Can you guys really list the places youve been and lived at and document the pros and cos of living in those places…Repsonses grately apppreciated from people of color and women of color…

Tijuana answers:


Mandy asks…

Cheep Dental Work, Or Mexico?

I have a filling that fell out 2 weeks ago. I need to get it fixed or pulled. I want to get it fixed. Probably a rootcanal. I dont have the 1500 cash to get it done. No checking account to set up electric payment. My question is, is there a health center or somewhere I can get a decent rate on the work? I’m living from pay check to pay check..

Tijuana answers:

There are several ways to get low-cost dental care in the US, but Mexico is a very good option as well, at least if you don’t have to travel too far to get there.

Many (most) areas have free or reduced-rate clinics, usually one or two days a month, where you can get dental treatment for very little money. Your local United Way may be able to refer you for that. Or, if you qualify for Medicaid, talk to the Medicaid office.

Dental schools also provide dental treatment at reduced rates. Most of these places are not as cheap as they once were, but they are almost always much less than a private dentist. If there is a university near you with a dental school, by all means call them and ask how to become a patient.

Mexican dentists charge much less than US-based dentists, and if you live near enough to the border you can save a ton of money at these places. Do a Google or Yahoo search for “mexico dental tourism” and you will get lots of hits. There are many, many dentists who specialize in treating Americans who cross the border for dental care, especially in Tijuana and Juarez. (However, given the crime problem, I might be reluctant to travel to Juarez right now.)

Good luck, and I hope this helps.

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