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Tijuana Mexico Crime Rate

Jenny asks…

How safe is Tijuana, MX for Americans right now? 2012.?

I would like to hear from people who have frequented Mexico in the last year or so… How safe is TJ right now? I am a female in my 20’s… two of my girlfriends and I are planning a spring break trip to Puerto Vallarta, and were thinking to fly out of TJ airport, as it is about $300 cheaper than leaving from Orange County, CA. We are all Hispanic, however very “white wash” and our Spanish is not the greatest.. Two of us have green eyes, one is a natural blonde, and we all are very fair skinned, so we will stick out like a sore thumb! Will it be safe for us to walk over the border into TJ and fly from that airport? I know TJ has had a lot of issues over the recent years and these are no longer the days where Americans can go party in Rosarito & TJ….. How is it right now? The flight is at 10am and coming back will be at 4pm, so it will be daylight. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Tijuana answers:

There has be a reduction in crime for 2011, but like in any large city in the world, during the day you are fine during the day in tourist areas, at night, you need to be cautious, to answer you questions you can be safe, as for the taxis, make sure you get the rate to the airport before you leave and when you come back to the border crossing in San Ysidro.

Joseph asks…

Is Mexico proving that there is nothing wrong with deploying the police to stop and question everyone going in?

Is Mexico proving that there is nothing wrong with deploying the police to stop and question everyone going in and out of certain neighborhoods If Mexico can do it, why can’t we ? It cannot be racist because Mexico does can do it, right ? This appears to be the Leyzaola package. A similar dynamic played out during his time in Tijuana from 2008 through 2010, and just as residents there still are trying to make sense of his approach, the people of Juárez are now scratching their heads with cautious awe.

“We’re seeing the results we asked for,” said Federico Ziga, president of the Ciudad Juárez restaurant association. “Not everyone agrees on the cause, but the results are there.”

“You can’t apply a strategy from a desk,” Leyzaola said, sitting behind a desk with just a few papers and a fruit smoothie. “You have to apply it in the street.”

Specifically, he says he has calmed Juárez by dividing the city into sectors and locking down troubled areas, starting with the central business district where La Linea was based.

For months at a time, he said he deployed the police to stop and question everyone going in and out of certain neighborhoods.

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Tijuana answers:

Mexico is under a huge war with drug cartels and cops get murdered down there at a high rate. So they had to become a police state be force of all the violence. The US has crime issues but not to the degree as Mexico.

Mary asks…

what do you think about racism in mexico?

Tijuana answers:

I’ve been to two different cities in Mexico. Tijuana, the area just south of San Diego, is poor. There are kids begging for money on the streets. Street vendors are everywhere. The crime rate is very high. The buildings are not well maintained and some of the houses are literally shacks. Chihuahua, the area south of El Paso, is just the opposite. There are no kids begging for money. There are almost no street vendors. The crime rate is low relative to Tijuana. The buildings are well maintained and some of the houses are very nice. What is the most significant difference between the two places, how-ever, is race. While in Tijuana people have closer traits to the amerindians, the people of Chihuahua have closer traits to Europeans. This leads me to believe that Mexico still faces racism and prejudice. What do I think about it? I wish it were different. I wish everyone had equal opportunities.

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