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Tijuana Mexico Crime Rate

James asks…

Is Mexicali Mexico safe and nice to live?

I mean are there too many crime rates so you can’t walk alone on the streets not even at the morning, or it’s just brainwashing from the news. Also, how is the people there? i mean they are nice, rude?

Tijuana answers:

I have found Mexicali to be quieter and safer than Tijuana or Ciudad Juarez. Winters are nice, summers can be very hot (110 degree days in July and August are not unusual), and they do have the occasional earthquake. I have a lot of friends there, and the locals are very nice, for the most part.
It’s probably as safe as San Diego or Los Angeles, and there are parts of San Diego and LA that I don’t consider safe at night.

Nancy asks…

Would I need a car alarm in San Diego?

I live in a quiet town in Colorado, but am looking at a job in San Diego. I drive a perfect (low mileage) 15 year old Toyota 4X4 pickup. It is regarded as one of the more desirable of the “vintage” Toyota 4X4s. However, it has no alarm, coded key, or any other type of disabling security device. Although it’s really only worth around $10K, its worth a lot more to me. Would I need an alarm or security device out there?

Tijuana answers:


Since SD is so close to the Mexican border car theft rates are higher. I know this from personal experience having my Tahoe stolen twice. Both times it was recovered with minor damage. After the first theft I put a security system in it and also used a Club.

When they stole it a second time it dawned on me that these thieves are very good at what they do. They know how to bypass security systems and have the right cutting tools to breakthrough any positive locking system.

The first time I received a call from the National City Police Dept. Telling me that my car was found coming back into the United States from Mexico and that there were 6 illegals in it. The second time it was found in Santa Ana with the windows spray painted black and there were artifacts in the vehicle written in Spanish, a disposable cell phone with Mexican phone numbers and a key to a hotel room in Tijuana.

My vehicle is a 4×4 which is popular in Mexico. Your vehicle will be popular for that reason. In addition your vehicle is worth ten times its current value in the spare-parts market.

My car was taken both times from my work parking lot near Balboa Ave. And Ruffin Road in Kearny Mesa. This parking lot had cameras and onsite security personel. If these creeps want your car they will get it. I suggest you install some anti-theft system in your vehicle. Check with the SDPD and see what they suggest.

This is the SDPD’s crime statistic report. Read it and you will see what parts of the city have the highest motor vehicle theft rates. It’s apparent to me that if you park your car near one of our many freeways your chances of having your car stolen increase significantly.

Ken asks…

Is it safe to go to Mexico?

Well my grandma wants to go there for a vacation, but the crime rate has risen so much that im having second thoughts.
I mean americans are trying to push them out so why should they let us in right?
And my gramma is like pure white, so that makes me even more paranoid. Please i need some advice!

Tijuana answers:

Ask your grandmother how many schools in the United States have had incidents along the lines of Colubmine High School. And then tell her that Mexico has not had a single incident along the lines of Columbine High School.

It’s not simply that our schools do not permit its students to bully one another. It’s that we do not have a word that means “to bully” in Spanish! The concept is foreign to our culture. We need to import gringos to teach us, although most of us would rather not do so.

Our crime rate in general is very low. What you hear on television or read in the newspapers has nothing to do with real life.

This advice comes from Tijuana, which is supposedly the most crime-ridden city in Mexico. ¡Puras patrañas!

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