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Tijuana Mexico Crime

Laura asks…

What will the border of San Diego and Tijuana look like in 50 years?

San Diego is the sterile, suburban and ordered city and Tijuana is chaotic, alive and vibrant city making it appear as if the area is 2 geophies radically split.

Im doin my report on this subject and wondering what topic to concentrate on beside immigration. Any suggestions??

Tijuana answers:

It sounds like you advocate the commingling of the two. Tijuana’s still a city in Mexico, San Diego is still a city in the United States, and at least this week, California is still part of the United states also, though there’s conflicting views on how long that’ll last for…
Tijuana’s also supposed to be a good place to buy fake ID, drugs, and lots of other things…never been there, never planning on going…Mexico’s got Grande crime problems that they don’t seem to have any control over…someday, maybe around 2760, or so, make it May of the year 2760, when Mexico finally has a good handle on drug crime and their other social problems etc., then it’ll be worth considering making things more open…but, as long as they’re making money in Mexico by aiding and abetting crime against the USA, let’s have that border fence…and border enforcement, and employer enforcement, and the whole 9 yards…

Susan asks…

How would I go about finding a house in TJ( Tijuana) Mexico?

I am a U.S citizen and my husband a Mexican Citizen. I would I find information on houses for sale and demographics of the neighbor hoods?

Tijuana answers:

Why would you want to live in TJ, way too much crime and most of it is a getto

George asks…

IS IT NOT OBVIOUS what the objectives if illegals are?

I will not say every last illegal alien in America is here to rape our country, but the majority is doing exctly that. I can’t believe there is even a debate! They don’t want to assimmilate, they fly their rag, the crime, the abuse of benefits, and on and on and on. The Mexicans have turned this into a race war. If your illegal just leave before you really piss us off! Americans hve tried to look the other way so you could make a few bucks but you had to get greedy and blow it for yourselves. Youve worn out your welcome. If I were you I would be planning my trip back home before the Government makes a plan for you! It won’t be long and youre outta here. The Government is giving you false hope of amnesty because the people will not allow you to stay GET IT?
rdbmary…oh we will see………yes we will!
dc4—the native Americans(Indians)made the same mistake we are dumb a$$!

Tijuana answers:

Antonio Gramsci was a young Italian Communist
who died in one of Mussolini’s prisons in 1937
at the age of 46–
He Conjured up the notion of a ‘quiet’ revolution
that could be diffused throughout a culture
over a period of time
to destroy it from within.
He was the first to suggest
that the application of psychology
to break the traditions, beliefs, morals, and will of a people
could be accomplished quietly
and without the possibility of resistance.

The American people need to understand
that the United States is under attack!
No, not by Iraq or Iran, but by MEXICO!

Has Been Deliberately and Systematically working
To Destabilize and Undermine
The very Fabric and Framework of American Society.

Mexicos President Vicente Fox
Has superintended over the biggest invasion of the United States in our country’s history.
That’s right, Invasion!

(For The Past 25 Years Or So) The U.S. Is being Invaded
by People from Another Nation
They Aren’t Citizens
They Don’t Pay the Taxes

$$39 BILLION Dollars –
With a B
is sent back to their own nation. ANNUALLY
In effect, they are LOOTING the Treasury of the United States
as surely as if they went to Fort Knox
and loaded up all our gold bullion on trucks
and drove to Tijuana with it.

The Invaders are also TAKING more
in the way of SOCIAL SERVICES
Than they pay into the System.
This is so, because many of them work under the table
and **Don’t Pay Income Taxes,**

(Thats YOU Folks)
Are Supporting Them

These Invaders are causing a BLEEDING in the System.
As invaders,
they’re NOT Playing by the same rules as the Citizens.
This leads to a WEAKENING of Our Nations ECONOMY.


A close, personal friendship with President George W. Bush
has given Mexicos President Vicente Fox
the opportunity to purposely allow (or even send)
Millions of Criminals, Thugs, Anarchists, and Potential Terrorists to swarm over our southern border in breathtaking numbers.

(Nearly half of all illegal aliens currently living in the U.S. Came here since Bush became president in 2000.)

Folks, There Are More Than 20 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS
In Our Country

More Than 80 Percent Of Them
Came Over Our Southern Border

AND…They Are Still Arriving – At A Rate Of 10 Thousand Per Day

El Presidente Fox has been unrelenting
in his brazen DEMANDS on The United States,
Starting with OPEN BORDERS even before he was elected.
He has called for OUR Border to be a ” Joining Line.”
His visits to the U.S. Have been filled
with endless requirements
for Mexican Citizens Illegally in OUR Country —
-Taxpayer-Subsidized In-State Tuition for Illegals at state colleges and universities,
-Free Healthcare,
-Guestworker Programs
-And AMNESTY for all. –

Pay Attention Folks !!!
These are the ENEMIES!!!
And you had better get your HEADS out of your ASSES
before you Wake Up

If WE THE PEOPLE Don’t Stop It, It is going to Destroy us ALL Eventually.

Their agenda —
–Our Federal Immigration Laws to be IGNORED
–Their CRIMINAL TRESPASS into These United States to be REWARDED with The Rights of American Citizenship!!!
–To DEMAND the Right to Live and Prosper in the United States, At The Expense Of AMERICAN TAXPAYERS

They’re claiming that the Issue is Immigration.
But their own actions reveal
what is in fact a Determined Effort
to Force Americans to accept
Large Foreign Colonies in our midst,

We have both the Right and the Moral Obligation to Defend America, and “JUST SAY NO!!”

“You gringos have spilled enough of our blood, now it’s your turn to bleed, you [expletive] sub-human beasts.”

So said an editorial in the University of California Irvine’s Hispanic LaVoz Mestiza.

Professor Gutierrez , employed by the University of Texas, founder of La Raza said,
“We have got to eliminate the gringo,
and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst,
we have got to kill him.”

Now that isn’t very neighborly.

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