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Tijuana Mexico Dangerous

Nancy asks…

How safe is mexico to visit?

Me and my wife are planning on traveling to visit the site of Chichen Itza together on our honeymoon later this spring. But we are weary due to the high amounts of murders we are hearing on the television and that they are target tourists, even in the yucatan. has anyone gone recently? how safe do you think it is, thanks

Tijuana answers:

Yeah, you should be fine. The places in mexico that are ‘dangerous’ that are on the news are places like tijuana and mexico city. Chichen itza is fairly safe due to it being a popular destination spot and because it’s in the caribbean. As long as you stay at a resort or nice hotel, you should be safe, especially if you are near other tourist areas.

The only real ‘worry’ would be protection against the sun’s rays and mosquitos

Ken asks…

Is there somewhere in Mexico that’d be good for vacation that’s safe?

I’m going for my high school graduation and I was thinking about going to Tijuana but I heard it was really dangerous and scary. So I’d like to know if there’s maybe somewhere near there that I can go..Someplace fun but safe.. Anyone help?

Tijuana answers:

Well Tulum is probably the best place you can find
it simply covered in beaches and you can rent a really nice cabana or bungalow right of the beach for cheep
there are many very wonderful resturaunts
anyone you meet there is so nice its amazing

Mandy asks…

Which Amtrak station is closest to Tijuana?

There are so many Amtrak stations in San Diego. Which one is the closest to San Diego, or to a train that will take me to Tijuana?

Tijuana answers:

There’s only one Amtrak station in San Diego, and that’s in Downtown. From there, you could take a city trolley to the border. But like another person said, STAY AWAY. Mexico is extremely dangerous right now, with people getting killed (or just outright disappearing) on a daily basis. NOT a good place to be.

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