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Tijuana Mexico Dangerous

Maria asks…

How long would it take to walk from Tijuana BC to Guadalajara JA?

Me and a friend are planning a trip from Sacramento to San Diego and then from Tijuana to Guadalajara, purely walking and traveling through the wilderness, we know it’s dangerous and Mexico has a lot of problems with drug cartels and such but me and my friend are Latino and we have done tours over seas. I’ve done calculations as to how long it would take to walk from TJ to Guadalajara. Just wanted to make sure…

Tijuana answers:

The walk is 1400 Miles. There is no path. You would be lucky to do 20 miles a day and May encounter some guarded Marijuana fields and will likely be found hanging from a bridge. These fields are in Sinaloa , Sonora and Michoacan. To increase your chances of survival , stay close to the roadways.
You and your friend are on a suicide hike.
Take snake bite anti-venom and if they don`t get you then hungry Scorpions will.

Nancy asks…

Is it safe for a girl and a guy to drive through Tijuana to Los Cabos, Mexico on a roadtrip?

We are planning a 2 to 3 day roadtrip down to Los Cabos for New Years. We were planning on entering Mexico through Tijuana and then driving down along Baja. Is this safe at this time?
We plan on just driving through Tijuana, not visiting there. Our main destination is Cabo so we wouldn’t be exploring Tijuana at all, just passing through.

Tijuana answers:

Hola. I make this trip quite often by myself and I feel safe doing it. As you can imagine the media play up the incidents but really, the Baja isn’t that dangerous. Just don’t do stupid things on your trip. Here are my basic tips for a safe trip. Keep in mind, by the time you buy mexican insurance, gas, accoms, food, it might be cheaper to get a flight.

1. Please don’t drive at night. There are suicidal farm animals and drivers without headlights.

2. Make sure you bring lots of extra water. Extra gas is good too because some stations run out. I’d also recommend 2 spares, and make sure your car is in good working order.

3. The road is quite narrow and has no shoulders. You will find that a convoy of semi trucks like to drive down the middle and you may come up on them suddenly. Drive defensively.

4. Don’t stop for anyone. Someone flagging you down could be a trick. Call 066 (which is 911 in mexico) on your cell phone, or tell someone at the next town about them. In certain parts of Mexico there is an emergency tourist service (we call them the green angels) that patrols the road and will come upon them and then assist them usually in a timely manner. The green angels will also assist you….so stay with your car…hazards on and hood up…and they will come by and help you free of charge.

5. Don’t go off the main road. Many people are robbed if you are off on your own somewhere deserted. Also you may get stuck in the sand. Plan/book where you will be pulling over or staying over accomodation-wise before your trip.

6. Keep in mind, all signage is in SPANISH! If you don’t understand the basics, you might find yourself riding over speed bumps or sailing through a stop sign! Also, we are in kilometers, not miles!

7. Lastly, you will come across Federalies at check points. They are very intimidating for those tourists that haven’t seen them before. They are looking for drugs, weapons, and sometimes fruit/vegetables. They are usually young impoverished men (18) who are doing their first military stint, they carry AK’s and they often ‘lift’ items if you aren’t watching…wallets, cameras, ipods, etc. I have had things stolen many times! You can’t argue with them. So to get around this, I’m usually extremely friendly and know spanish but pretend to know only the basics, and offer them all a ice cold soda from my cooler. They usually leave me alone.

Have a safe trip!

Steven asks…

How can I check if my plastic surgeon has any complaints filed if he is from Mexico?

I decided that now after having my children and going through major weight changes I want to have a breast augmentation. I chose a doctor from Tijuana because it is affordable and someone I know has had “work” done there before, although not the same procedure. Now it’s a couple days before surgery and I’m worried because I’ve heard of so many negative things that could happen. I’ve tried to google him but found very little info. Does anyone know how I could find out if he’s good?

Tijuana answers:

I wouldn’t tell you how even if I knew, because getting plastic surgery outside of the country–especially in Mexico–is a terrible and dangerous idea.

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