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Tijuana Mexico Dangerous

Betty asks…

What would you suggest for a nice and safe 2-3 days trip from Cancun?

I am going to spend 10 days in Cancun.
I would like to make a trip somewhere around the city for a few days.
I heard Mexico is dangerous for tourists, but Cancun particularly is safe (that’s what people told me).

Where would you suggest to go for 2-3 days sightseeing trip from Cancun? Preferably by public transportation. And safety is a must.

Tijuana answers:

As the previous poster said, Playa del Carmen is a nice alternative to Cancun.
You may also consider Tulum or Akumal. Both are less touristy than Cancun and even Playa. Try cenote diving or snorkeling near Akumal. Aktun Chen is a good choice.

I wouldn’t worry about safety. Be sensible as you would anywhere. But the people of the Yucatan, particularly the Mayans are lovely people. The dangers you hear about are largely in the Border towns (Juarez, Laredo, and Tijuana) and Mexico City. I often travel by myself and I never worry.

Richard asks…

What if i live in tijuana, mexico and go to college in San Diego? Is it possible?

I am from Nevada and i am 17 and about to turn 18.I am a U.S. citizen. I want to go to Platt college in san diego, is it legal? or illegal? I want to move to tijuana because it is a lot cheaper to live there than San Diego.

Tijuana answers:

Find roommates in San Diego to live with. It’ll be much safer. Seriously.

The other posters already outlined how dangerous Tijuana is; especially for Americans. If you think gangs in the US are bad, they’ve got nothing on the drug lords and gang warfare in Mexico right now.

In addition, there’s the lines to cross the border. Hours in line! How are you going to support yourself? If this is just to save $$ on rent, as I mentioned before, find roommates in San Diego to live with.

Sharon asks…

Is it now safe for US citizens to visit Tijuana, Mexico?

I have been wanting to visit Tijuana again for a while now. I have not been there in such a long time. I know there are risks in visiting that area, but have heard that now it is much more dangerous than it has ever been. Do you you think I’d be better off not visiting Tijuana?

Tijuana answers:

No, it is NOT safe. THere are broad daylight shootings on Revolucion BLVD, which is the main tourist strip. I was there 2 years ago, I went to Revolucion and even off the beaten path, and I still didn’t feel that safe, but it was before all the violence started. It’s just not worth it right now. It’s not like you’re going to see anything great in TJ, why not just go to Chula Vista, you can get all the same things.

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