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Tijuana Mexico Dangerous

Helen asks…

Are there a lot of “gringos” and other White people traveling to Tijuana and the north of Mexico?

Are there a lot of Americans and Europeans, who travel (or even live) in this dangerous area?

What happens if some narco-traficants, mafia, or “average” thugs notice a “gringo” or a White European person in this place?
Do they follow him and try to know who he and what he’s doing here?

Tijuana answers:

Umm no.. They will not do anything to you.. They are only after their enemies not GRINGOS.. Unless you have alot of money and show it off..its like tempting a dog with a bone.. But i recently moved to mexico about a year ago… And i thought the same because of what ppl said.. But never eperienced.. But you will be fine.. No worries

Chris asks…

is crossing the TX border to get meds in Mexico getting more dangerous?

Friend of mine has gotten his prescription meds in Mexico for years, but we’re told it’s getting more dangerous to cross the border. Is anyone else on YA getting their medications from Mexico? Is there any place across from Texas where it’s safer than other places? Any place to get them online and still get the same low prices?

Tijuana answers:

Well, there’s definitely a lot of violence in the entire U.S. / Mexico border region, but in my opinion, the real hassle isn’t dealing with drug gang violence, it’s dealing with the rude inefficiency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security at the border checkpoints coming back. In cities like Tijuana and Laredo, the lines can be many hours long due to unprofessional, incompetent management by U.S. Authorities who have no service level targets, no real accountability to anyone, and no competent management who can even do appropriate staffing during predictable peak periods.

U.S. Border checkpoints are an embarassment to America.

Nonetheless, there are some border towns that are better than others.

If you’re in southeast Texas, like Brownsville or McAllen, I recommend going to Nuevo Progreso Mexico. It’s a small town and there are no major highways at the crossing, so it’s one of the fastest crossings, plus the border patrol agents there are less likely to be a**holes than they are in busier areas where they’re more stressed.

If you’re looking for someplace good to cross from the San Antonio or I-35 area, I suggest Eagle Pass / Piedras Negras. Again, smaller highways and smaller nearby cities means less traffic and more courteous officials…plus Piedras Negras is friendly and kind of cool for an occasional visit (be sure to stop at one of the restaurants claiming to be the birthplace of the nacho!)

Nuevo Progreso and Piedras Negras are both fairly safe crossings that can be enjoyable places to visit for a casual quick hop across the border to get your teeth fixed on the cheap or buy some low-cost prescription meds (just be sure you have a bona fide doctors prescription and are only buying enough for personal needs — you don’t want to get tagged as drug smuggler!).

Carol asks…

What is the safest road to travel by car with kids from San Francisco,California to Guanajuato, Mexico ?

I am traveling for the first time by car with my kids to Mexico and I would like to know what would be the safest roads I should take from San Francisco, California to Guanajuato, Mexico. I also will appreciate any tips from previous experiences you might had when you traveled to Mexico. Thanks all of you for your time in answering my question.
I am planning to cross the border by El paso, Texas since I was told is the shortest and safer at this moment. It’s that true?

Tijuana answers:

Definetely take road in the USA as long as you can.
If you go down from SFO to L.A. And then Tijuana and then go down to Chihuahua and Sinaloa, let me tell you that those are usually dangerous roads. Drugs Crimes in Mexico right now are heavy stuff here.
I would suggest that you go all the way to Arizona, then McAllen TX, then cross the border and go to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, then Saltillo, Coahuila, then Matehuala, San Luis Potosí, and then León, Guanajuato. Get inside this page and see the exact road you will take in Mexico, in fact you can print the map. Your road is 687 Km long exactly just inside Mexico From Monterrey to León… (Like 7 hours in an average speed). I forgot to say thet it is like 2 hours from McAllen TX to Monterrey and the highway is absolutely GREAT! Have fun!

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