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Tijuana Mexico Dangerous

Betty asks…

What parts of mexico border are dangerous right now?

Me and my dad are thinking of crossing the border to mexico and my friend whos dad goes to mexico every 5 months said that is very dangerous going through the border cause of drug dealers killing innocent people and last time a drug dealer had stopped him and tooken his car as he was passing the border. so im wondering if theres any place to cross the border safe?? im defitnetly not going through texas border!

Tijuana answers:

The boarder towns are a problem but I live in Mexico and I follow the news and American Embassy reports the drug cartels are not targeting tourists and rumors get started but it is hard to find official reports of the stories I read hear on the web.
You often hear something like “200 Americans were killed in Mexico in the past four years. But if you really look into those numbers, as the Houston Chronicle did, you find that all but 70 of those victims were either criminals or were part of a drug buy gone bad. So around 70 completely innocent tourists died—out of 58 million visitors over that time period. About as many foreign tourists died in the US over that same time period.
That equates to 1 in 842,857, or 0.0000012 percent. To put that in perspective, those odds lie somewhere between your chance of dying in an airplane crash (1 in 659,779) and being killed by flesh-eating bacteria (1 in 1,252,488).
But it gets even better. Most of the slain Americans were killed in just three cities: the border towns Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez and Nuevo Laredo. Not one tourist was killed involved in the drug war, unless he or she was looking or participating in the sale or purchase of illegal drugs.The remaining 70 who died 43 were killed in auto accidents 16 were killed in water related accidents 1 was killed by shark attack and the rest from foul play.
Driving during the day staying on well traveled highways and not lingering along the boarder is your best advice.

LA Times reports a tourist is 26 times safer in Mexico than in the US tourist towns. Yes 26 times safer!

Ruth asks…

I and my wife are driving to Rosarita, Mexico from LA for 3 days. Is it safe to drive and stay there?

Everyone is concerned about us going to Rosarita for our anniversary. They say recently there have been attacks on tourist and it is dangerous to drive and stay in Rosarita,, We are staying at a very nice resort in rosarita.

Tijuana answers:

Thats a bunch of BS. Dont listen to it. I know of NO attacks on tourists in rosarito Beach, NOT ONE
I moved my family to Rosarito Beach ( Baja Norte) 3 years ago and I feel safer walking/driving around there than I ever did in any of the major city’s in the U.S…There is a considerable amount of violence in the Tijuana area due to the drug cartel’s warring over drug routes, turf and whatever else the idiot’s see fit to kill each other for.sometimes innocent people get caught up in the crossfire as in any drive by/ shoot out on any street in any major city. I seen my share of this in the 12 years that I lived in Los Angele’s. Try to not believe every rumor you hear. I have 4 children including a 13 year old Daughter and a 7 year old Daughter and they wouldn’t be within 100 miles of Mexico if I thought for one minute that they would be in danger. And if you want some good Mexican home cooking in a friendly little diner where the lady who runs the place can speak to you in english, then e-mail me and you can stop by my wifes diner while you are in rosarito. Where are you staying ? What part of LA are you from ?

Sandy asks…

How to convince my mom to go to Mexico?

Hey… Me and this girl really want to go to mexico this summer (for her birthday, i’d be paying since it’s her birthday gift.) We’re both 16 and well, our moms don’t really want us to go since they say it’s dangerous in Mexico. Is there any way to convince them it’s not? Or is there any other warm tropical place that is guaranteed safe?

Tijuana answers:

As Gus said Mexico overall isn’t very dangerous. Only the Border towns like Tijuana and Cd. Juarez are the ones that boast up in Crime and violence.

In the areas of Mexico City all the way down to Cancun are pretty safe. Honestly I live here in Cancun and I’ve never been robbed or anything. I’ve been offered drugs on the beach but just a simple “no gracias” will send them away.

To make sure, I would wait 2 more years to come to Mexico Alone. You could go to Huatulco in Oaxaca, Cancun or Playa Del Carmen. Stay at an All-Inclusive hotel. And if you’re in Cancun try not to leave the Hotel Zone.

When you arrive to Cancun Hotel Zone you won’t even feel like you ever left the USA. It’s one of the safest environments of Mexico and it’s also one of the funnest. There is really no drinking age for Mexico and I remember I could go into a club without even being 18 years old. I used to work at Dady O club here in Cancun and I could pretty much let anyone in that looked like they were 15 or older.

Just remember if you do decide to come to Mexico, always be aware of your surroundings, if you see a person acting strange or follow you ask a police officer or go into a secure place.

Don’t let the other answers scare you. They make it sound like Mexico is a horrible unsafe place where every cop is a crooked cop and everyone wants to rob you. It really isn’t. Most Mexicans are very nice and helpful, they aren’t bad people and most are nicer than any americans I ever met. Yes there are a few crooked cops but they won’t just lock you up for no reason. It’s common for those crooked cops to stop you and give you a ticket for $50 if youre driving. If that ever happens to you just give the cop a $20 and he’ll let you go in peace and give you a ‘password’ so if any other cop stops you he won’t ticket you.

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