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Tijuana Mexico Dangerous

Betty asks…

How dangerous is to visit Tijuana, Mexico these days?

I’m thinking of going for Spring break

any bad stories?

Tijuana answers:

Everyone answering are stupid….its fine….just font go out alone and stay close to where bars and stuff are….if Ur into drugs ull fund trouble….if not ill be fine….if I were u id drive to risarito and go to bars there…its a bit safer than tj…i live in Rosarito area and its safer there than in downtown sd… Just come to Mexico and figure it out urself….if Ur a moron then you’ll find trouble on which I don’t feel bad… One less idiot….u also dont need a passport….i travel with birth certificate and id just fine

Donald asks…

Do I need a passport to go to the border towns of Mexico?

I want to go to tecate and tijuana with some friends but I am wondering if I need a passport. I have been to Mexico before but a long time ago and I did not need it then.

Tijuana answers:

Yes you need a passport. I have friends that go without it the border patrol sailed there I’d and says don’t come back until you get a passport. So you may get away with the first one. They also have a border card just for crossing you can get cheaper than the passport. But can only use to cross in border towns. Be safe its dangerous right now tho

Robert asks…

Is it still dangerous to travel to Mexico?

I live in Los Angeles and I would like to travel to Tijuana for the weekend but I was wondering if it is still dangerous to do so in light of the drug wars and such. Obviously I wouldn’t go alone and I would have guys with me. I went when I was 18 and it was fine but the news gave me the impression that it’s dangerous there now.

Tijuana answers:

Hello, I am living in Mexico and I feel that it is safe. However, I am living in Cancun, where the least amount of violence has been reported. The University of San Diego did a study on in which states the most drug-related violence occurred and in which states the least drug-violence occurred. Baja California is listed as a place where violence has been readily reported but do not let that deter you. If you are NOT tied to the drug industry and you keep your street smarts, you can enjoy a safe trip regardless of where you travel in Mexico. For more detailed information.


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