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Tijuana Mexico Dangerous

Chris asks…

How safe is Tijuana and Ensenada?

I was considering doing some of the tours to these locations but was warned against it due to female travelling alone. If you go with a tour group does it make it safer and is it really that dangerous?

Tijuana answers:

First two replies are right on. Tho I’m sure we’ll hear from the “Mexico is dangerous” crowd pretty soon.

Ensenada is a tourist town – nowadays almost the entire stretch of the coastal Baja peninsula is all touristed up.

You can walk safely around Ensenada. The tour ships from Calif (gambling cruises) stop there regularly. Also around the touist district in TJ – ie, Avenida Revolucion (Main Street to gringos), also the Zona Rio (River Zone).

If you are young and are walking alone, even in the tourist areas, be prepared for the usual nonsense from the younger Mexican males, shouting out of car windows, “Que paso, mamacita, what’s up baby?!”

This is simply mandatory machismo. For 90% of them, if a woman actually did stop to respond they would freak out in panic and flee the scene muy rapido. (The Mexican women just ignore them. Kind of like one ignores a fenced in dog barking at you.)

Sandy asks…

Has Tecate Mexico been affected by the drug wars?


I’ve been given dire warnings about Mexican border cities such as Ciudad Juárez and Tijuana due to drug issues that have arisen there. Is Tecate Mexico dangerous as well?

Thank you

Tijuana answers:

I live in Baja, 15 miles south of Tijuana. The only problems are related to the drug cartels and their internal war. No innocent tourists or foreign residents have been affected. The only innocents affected were in the company of drug cartel/gang members, and were not typical American tourists.

So far as I have heard, Tecate has not had any problems at all. It is a quiet, little, peaceful town. If you are not in the drug business or a drug user, you will have a quiet, peaceful visit.

Ciudad Juarez is hundreds of miles away, and a different situation.

The government of Baja CA has done a good job, and the real rise in crime was in 2008; since then crime has returned to low rates and actually much safer than many US cities.

Keep your eyes open, stay in commercial or tourist areas. Don’t go native and don’t associate with anyone related with drugs.

Donna asks…

Is Mexico, Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez the “Kabul”, the “Kandahar” and the “Fallujah” of the West?

I mean, is Mexico the most dangerous country in the world, besides the islamic terrorist areas of the world?

Tijuana answers:

Hello Allan,

No. The difference is that if I go there, mind my own business and keep clear of drugs, chances are pretty good I’ll be left alone and return safely. In those other two areas you mention, chances are pretty good I’ll be kidnapped, hauled of the street and have my head sawed off in a most unprofessional manner just for being there as a Canadian.


Michael Kelly

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