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Tijuana Mexico Dangerous

James asks…

I am wanting to go to Mexico with 5 children all under 7. Would you recommend flying or driving and why?

Can you estimate what it would cost to drive from or around Indiana to Puerto Escondido. Thanks.

Tijuana answers:

I can’t give an estimate cost, but i can give you reason to fly. Traveling through mexico is really dangerous. When you are traveling between different provinces, anything can happen because there’s no government regulations at the borders. One of my friends says that they can just yell at you in spanish and do whatever. It wouldn’t be good to drive through with your kids.
I was in tijuana this week, and even though i didn’t cross any borders in provinces, it was still really dangerous. In my opinion, it’s just better to get in and out of the dangerous parts of mexico (not saying puerto escondido is dangerous), not drive through them.
Also you need to think about if your kids could deal with being in the car for mutiple days. Even though flying with them can be a hassle, it is just quicker, could be cheaper, and is definitly safer.

David asks…

The most dangerous town in north america?

Is Juarez, Mexico really known as the most dangerous town in North American. If not what is?

Tijuana answers:

Unsafest U.S. Cities include New Orleans, Detroit and Los Angeles.

Mexico is part of North America and the border cities of Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, and Matamoros are know for violence. Mexico City, Monterey are also dangerous.

I would say Windsor might be Canada’s unsafest city due to the fact that it is across the river from Detroit.

If I was to choose one city it would be Ciudad Juarez.

Nancy asks…

Which parts of Mexico should be avoided? How much pocket money do i need for traveling?

hello there! i want to travel around mexico dec – february. i need to know which parts of the country should be avoided? Also, How much pocket money do i need for traveling considering i’ll get free accommodation the whole time i’ll be there? My friends who could accommodate me are in queretaro, guadalajara, and
navolato, culiacan… Thank you so much!!

Tijuana answers:

Culiacan is home to El Chapo and is beleived to be hiding out there which could make it dangerous to visit. Border towns should be avoided . The Yucatan is relatively safe as are Chiapis and Oaxaca states.
Up the coast is safe in cities like Puerto Vallarta Ixtapa Mazatlan. Take extra caution in Acapulco.
Tijuana is seeing less violence when busting shipments (100 Tons of weed) recently. The is a lot of violence in Cuidad de Juarez across from El Paso TX.
The places you mentioned with the exception of Culiacan are high in elevation and a coat will be needed for the next six months.
Most of the action is Not directed at foreign tourists and the drug war as it is called is between all forms of Mexican forces and Cartels fighting each other. Recently in the Bordertown of Matamoros , the home of Tony the Storm was located and decided not to surrender and a 2 hour shootout ensued.
I would not advise you to carry a lot of Pesos and carry a bank card for ATMs Leave a back up card where it can be sent to you quickly and if moving around on buses take some travellers checks in US dollars.
You know you will have to apply for an “offical Visa” for Mexico. If you have a Filipino Passport. If you have a Visa for the US you can visit using that for as long as it is Valid.
Many countries do Not need Visas to Visit Mexico and get a FMM tourist permit at Airports, Seaports and Borders.

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