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Tijuana Mexico Dangerous

Mark asks…

My mother is taking these arthritis pain relieving pills but wants to know if its dangerous to take?

The products is called Reumofan Plus, supposedly it comes from Tijuana Mexico…. ever since she started taking it she has felt much pain relief on her knee’s and even recommended it to a friend of hers which had a hard time walking and after taking it she felt like she could run a marathon…these pills claim to be all natural. No side affects yet from taking them but she seems to be gaining a bit of weight ever since she took them, she works out every day.

Tijuana answers:

Reumofan has at least 13 different ingredients, none of which have been shown to do anything for arthritis or inflammation. This is what we call an anecdotal report; it’s great that your mother is feeling better, but it’s not from the pill.

Thomas asks…

Is Mexico really as bad as the news portrays?

I have been to Mexico every couple of years for close to 10 years now. Each time we go, we drive because we don’t fly. We have never had any real issues other than being swindled by a Mexico city police officer. We are planning to take another trip soon and the news has really played the whole drug war out. Honestly, my family and I have never had any problems, only good times. Has it really gotten that bad, or is it just media hype?

Tijuana answers:

NO. The media needs to calm the hell down. Lol. Yes, the border is unsafe right now, but they’re acting like it has turned into Afghanistan or something! I go to Mexico almost every year, I went last year actually, and I had NO problems at all! Half the people that say “Mexico is dangerous” or “Mexico is not safe, don’t ever go” i bet have never even been there before! People are letting the media brainwash them. They’re right about the violence in Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez and a few other cities near the border, it’s pretty bad there. But the rest of Mexico is not as bad as the media makes it seem!
I’ve visited Mexico almost every year since I was 3 years old. I’m 17 now. Not ONCE has anything bad happened to anyone in my family there. Yeah, you should always take precaution, but don’t freak out and stop yourself from going!
Have fun! 🙂

Mary asks…

What are the top ten dangerous cities in the world?

I am asking about the top ten dangerous cities in the entire world. Not just in a certain country.

Tijuana answers:

1. Baghdad, Iraq [[Iraq War]]

2. Kabul, Afghanistan [[War in Afghanistan]]

3. Gaza City, Gaza Strip [[Arab-Israeli conflict]]

4. East Jerusalem, Israel [[Arab-Israeli conflict]]

5. Port-Au-Prince, Haiti [[capital of the poorest country in the western hemisphere]]

6. Moscow, Russia [[murder rates are some of the highest in the world in Russia, so I just put the capital cuz i dont know WHERE exactly in Russia that is.]]

7. Detroit, MI [[has the highest unemployment and crime rate in the USA]]

8. Tijuana, Mexico [[Drug trafficking hot spot]]

9. Tehran, Iran [[ever since Ahmadinejad came into power, everyone is wildin out there! RIP Neda]]

10. Bombay, India [[The city was under siege back in November 2008 by terrorists]]

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