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Tijuana Mexico Map

Ruth asks…

how many miles between tijuana mexico and guanajuato mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Lazy.. Use Google Maps

Michael asks…

wich one is closer to tijuana victorville or san jose?

Tijuana answers:

Had you looked at a map, you would have found that San Jose, California is near San Francisco.
You would have also found out that Victorville is near Los Angeles, California.
San Francisco is about 320 air miles north of Los Angeles and Mexico is south of the United States of America.
You did not indicate if you were talking about the cities in California or not. You also did not do any capitalizations, wich should be spelled which.

Please pick a “Best Answer”, even if it is not mine.
That way we can tell if we really do help people.

Carol asks…

Do I Need A Passport To Go To Tijuana Mexico In 2009?

I Am A US Citizen I Have Gone In 2008 And Came Back With Just My ID. I Was Wondering If I Can Still Do That. Or Do I Need A Passport?

Tijuana answers:

Legally speaking you DO need a passport to cross the border back into the United States, but you pragmatically speaking you can still cross into the US with your ID. I’ve done both since the law changed last year, and what one officer told me in their usually “charming” way was “It’s not my responsibility to punch your ID number into the computer to see if you’re OK to cross, so the next time you cross I’m sending you back” – what a nice guy. This is good to know on the off chance that you have your ID and for some reason not your passport, you might ask the guy for a solid if he acts like this off the bat, because it is very easy for him to punch in your license number and see if he can let you cross. But just in case you catch them in a bad mood, something that isn’t that uncommon- I crossed the border every day for 12 years straight, you should have your passport, ID and birth certificate, or SENTRI Pass, which is like a fast pass if you’re not familiar with it, that takes a couple of months to get, but lasts a couple of years. If you want to cross faster, usually crossing by foot in the OTAY crossing which is about 7 miles east of the larger sanysidro/tijuana crossing. Otay is considered part of Tijuana, and if you look on google earth, or yahoo maps, or google maps, you can see what I’m talking about. Good luck and enjoy your trip.

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