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Tijuana Mexico Map

Daniel asks…

Why doesn’t Google Maps show directions from any US location to Tijuana, Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

There is a good site that does.. Http://

Paul asks…

Do you Think Mexico is a beutiful country?

For those of you that have been to mexico was it a beutiful country to you people nature cities etc

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is mostly a beautiful country where you can find a lot of different landscaped. From very cosmopolite Mexico City, to American-like cities such as Monterrey and modern-traditional mixed cities such as Guadalajara. Beach resort cities are also great, althought they are kinda medium sized cities. Acapulco, Los Cabos, Cancún and the Mayan Riviera. Colonial cities with great ancient buildings from colonial Mexico are also cool. Of course as every single country in the world there are ugly places such as Tijuana. That’s why we Mexicans kinda hate Tijuana because a lot of Americans think Tijuana is an example of how Mexico is, and they couldn’t be more wrong! Just look for pictures of the cities I mentioned and you’ll see. You can also use Street View in Google Maps.

Carol asks…

Is Tijuana the Capital of Baja California?

Tijuana answers:

Emalilly’s response is not only blaringly wrong, it should be put on you tube next to the pageant girl that answered that
“there were no maps for US Americans to use in the um South Africa and the Iraq”
My dear, I sure hope you’re a child because that’s the only excuse for the level of your ignorance. Baja California is a state in Mexico, It’s capital is Mexicali, which is another border city about 120 miles east of tijuana/san diego.
As for the “Baja” that refers to two states in Mexico, that are not all collected near the border but rather in the Mexican Peninsula that is sandwiched be the sea of cortez and the Pacifif ocean.

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