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Tijuana Mexico Map

John asks…

How many miles is t wanna from Houston Texas?

Tijuana answers:

Do you mean Tijuana, Mexico?

1460 miles, 2349 km according to google map

Lizzie asks…

what ist the time in mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Depends on where you are in Mexico.

In Monterrey or Mexico City, it’s the same as Central Standard Time in the U.S. If you’re in Tijuana or Los Cabos, it’s the same as Pacific Standard Time in the U.S. Other cities vary depending on their longitude….see a map or a globe if you need a clearer picture.

Ruth asks…

I’ve seen maps of Mexico on Garmin they do’nt cover Tijuana?

Tijuana answers:

Garmin covers the globe and is one of the best GPS coordinates devices . It is very popular among Sailors. It can be integrated and interfaced with Raymarine chart plotting devices . The precision guidance is not only more efficient, it makes for safer night sailing.
Compatible “Chips” can e purchased for any where in any hemisphere. I have 8 chips for various regions. I have to be careful as someone thought I was recruiting a crew and benefiting from answers in this area and my account was deleted. The second time, a simple question where can I get a copy of windows? Not from a store lol
Anyway you need to find a chip for your device and I think the cost is around 50usd
I have heard there is one that covers alot of ground and was 3.1 as I recall and coverage is from TJ to Chetumal and covers a lot of backroads as well as great for locating hotels. Check this site

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