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Tijuana Mexico Map

Linda asks…

Could anyone recommend a beautiful drive from Vancouver-Tijuana (i.e. vistas, bridges, landmarks)?

There would be no time limit and the more coastal the route the better. Thanks so much

Tijuana answers:

This could be a long long message so I will keep it simple; drive down and see Seattle, stop in Portland, definately drive the Oregon Coast, go into California and it is a must to go to San Francisco one of the best cities in the US head to to LA and take the route along the water rather then the I- 5 and check out all the beach cities, Malibu, Manhatten Beach. Longbeach, Venice Beach etc. I guess you could check out Disneyland in Anaheim if that is your thing, but Legoland is more fun, you will end up in San Diego and then viola you will be in Tijuana. You need special car insurance to drive in Mexico so make sure you get it. I would continue driving past Tijuana and continue down the Baja and see some beautiful Mexican cities. Tijuana is not the Mexico you want to see.

This is a beautiful drive and there are so many things to see too numerous to mention. Contact your local AAA or CAA for maps and books. If you have the time then play it by ear. The Oregon coast will be your highlight so make sure you don’t skip that part of your trip. Oregan doesn’t have any tax so that is the best place to do your shopping too. Spend some time in Vancouver and Seattle too if you aren’t familiar with either one of these cities as there is lots to see. You could also go Vancouver to Vancouver Island then the ferry from Victoria to Seattle if you wanted too. It takes around 15 hours to drive to San Franciso, 5 hours to Portland. Bring all your proper ID and proof that you have money for your trip, the border guards are jerks and you may need to prove that you are not planning to stay in the US. Good Luck!

John asks…

My friend and I are wanting to do a road trip down to mexico…?

We’ll both be 18 and want to do it in the summer, Google maps says that it’ll take approx 2.5 days.. but obviously that’s an ideal time.. I was wondering if anyone has done this already? We’ll be coming from BC, Canada.

Also money-wise how much should we bring? $2000 each? She has a car and everything

Thanks! Any info will be helpful, this is just an idea we’re thinking of doing for our “grad trip”

Thanks 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Well from B.C once you cross into Washington it is a straight shot on I-5 all the way to the Tijuana Border Crossing. You will need a passport to get back into the U.S. It should take you 2 – 2 1/2days to make the trip. Try to make it into California the first day then the next morning all the way to San Diego. Spend the night there then cross over the border in the morning.
In my opinion though, 2- 18 year old girls going into Mexico is like throwing gas on the fire. If you have never been there don’t try this on your own. You need a plan when going into Mexico, like where are you going, where will you stay, how does one get on the toll road, what to eat, what’s a safe place to eat at and of course what bars to drink at because you don’t drink the water in Mexico!
I have been crossing that border for the last 25 years just to have a good time and hang with friends but I quit going over about 2 years ago just because of the way things are in Mexico. I still miss it but I will wait and see what happens. Oh yea, one more thing about going into Mexico by car. You will need Mexican Insurance. In can be bought at drive thru kiosks about 2 exits from the border. Cost for a weekend is around $18.00. Mexico only recognizes Mexican Insurance companies and if you get in a wreck without Mexican Insurance you are going to jail and will not pass go. One other thing your B.C. License plate will be a dead give away as you being tourist. People will try and take Advantage of you and the situation.
If you really want to go to Mexico, fly down to one of the resorts that are all inclusive like Cacun or Puerta Vallarta and stay in a nice hassle free resort for about $1200.00 U.S. Good luck.

Lizzie asks…

i want a suggestion to purchase a mobile with GPS to collect data for draw map of road or particular area?

best mobile with best software to work with windows software computer

Tijuana answers:

Hola. Am a truck driver from tijuana mexico..i delivery vegetales from here to NY and FLORIDA. Before I just to drive all over..canada mexico and all the 48 states in the US..and best of the best is the droide from verizon..the gps and the internet and all the sistem the signal to work in plases that no t even martians or aliens no ofens to mexicans. Am mexican..cant get signal..droide from verizon will be you best beat. Trus me in this one

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