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Tijuana Mexico Map

Ruth asks…

Nazi symbol in mexico?

I recently came across something disturbing in while looking at Google maps. Im Mexican American and I was using Google maps to show my uncle his old house in Tijuana. I came across a building with symbol that looks like swastika and the company is called Cemenquin. I would post a link but I’m using a tablet and still figuring it out sorry. Google it and tell me what you think butci found ir kinda disturbing. As if Mexico‘s reputation wasn’t bad enough with illegal immigration and the cartel going crazy down there

Tijuana answers:

The swastika is an ancient symbol and didn’t mean anything bad until Adolf adopted it for a symbol for the Third Reich. The company is probably using it for a logo which seems like a bad idea to me but whatever. No company in the U.S. Would ever use it that’s for sure.

Joseph asks…

Is it safe to travel in these northwestern parts of Mexico?

This is a route I plan to take this summer. It starts at Yuma AZ, then to San Diego CA to Ensenada MX to San Felipe MX and back to Yuma AZ. I am conversationally fluent in Spanish. I know Tijuana is dangerous but we wouldnt stop there at all. Would it be safe to travel through these parts and possibly sleep in the back of my buddies pickup? Please do not answer if youve never been to Mexico.

Attached below is a map of my route.,+AZ&daddr=San+Diego,+CA+to:Ensenada+Municipality,+Mexico+to:San+Felipe,+Mexico+to:Yuma,+AZ&hl=en&sll=32.328917,-116.034851&sspn=1.622214,2.90863&geocode=FavZ8gEdlOsq-SnZrU0hh2LWgDFYQp71Bzqpzw%3BFUEy8wEdeVIE-SlLHpKtD1PZgDF53xX9_SE6DQ%3BFXkj5gEdJLoM-Sn1uVQf8I7YgDFRpna2G5hg8w%3BFSxx2QEdssAn-Slxc9vfPBwpgTEyKcIzqepdCg%3BFavZ8gEdlOsq-SnZrU0hh2LWgDFYQp71Bzqpzw&t=h&mra=prv&z=9

Tijuana answers:

I am glad you are fluent in Spanish. That is a plus. I have been to Tijuana and Warez. Neither place is a good place to visit. Just stay in groups (your buddies). You will have a great time. 🙂

Chris asks…

how many miles from vta, ca too mexican bordor?

Tijuana answers:

Assuming by vta, ca you meant Ventura, California then the distance driving to the Mexican border (Tijuana, Mexico) would be 202 miles which would take about 3 hrs 32 mins to drive.

See the source link below for a map with details and directions.

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