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Tijuana Mexico Map

Robert asks…

I would like to know if anyone knows a nice place to live near the mexican border?

My two children and I are planning to relocate, My fiancee has been deported several months ago and we are looking to find a place in the usa and my fiancee will live in the borderline side of mexico until we can legally have him live in the united states, but for now if any one knows of nice places and affordable housing please let me know.

Tijuana answers:

In California – These are near the Mexican Border city of Tijuana…:
– Chula Vista
– San Diego
In Arizona:
– Yuma
– Tucson
– Nogales
– Oro Valley
– Agua Prieta
– Patagonia
In New Mexico:
– Las Cruces (heard this is really pretty and great retirement spot)
– El Paso
– Nuevo Laredo
– Corpus Christi
– San Antonio

* The Mexican American border is looooong…. It stretches along California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas! So, choosing an American border to city to live in, depends on where in Mexico HE is located. Because you can move to Chula Vista – but what if he is located in a Mexican border city that is closer to Arizona, New Mexico or Texas!

I’ve only been to the cities in California – since I live relatively close- the other cities are just ones I’ve heard of that I know are close to the border. I’ve made comments about the cities I’ve heard expecially nice things about.

I think your best bet is to get a map and take a look. Good luck.

Michael asks…

does anyone know the town that borders the mexican border and is by ciudad juarez?

my parents and i are driving down to mexico this winter and i am the one to drive while we’re still in the US. We want to take the highway that starts through ciudad juarez and not tijuana. i am having trouble however getting directions. and I don’t really know what to put in. does anyone know what town/city borders with ciudad juarez? or know of anything like mapquest that can help me with international addresses?

Tijuana answers:

El Paso, Texas is across the border from Ciudad Juarez.

Where are you coming from and going to? You can use this link to get directions:

Donna asks…

Can anyone tell me how many hours and miles it is from Tijuana, Mexico to Livermore, California. If so?

Where can I find this information I cannot find it on google maps nor mapquest.

Tijuana answers:

Start: San Ysidro, CA 92173, US
End: Livermore, CA US
Total Est. Time: 7 hours, 15 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 473.73 miles

San Ysidro is 1 mile north of Tijuana, but the border wait can be anywhere from 50 – 120 minutes

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