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Tijuana Mexico Map

Michael asks…

How can i get to irapuato, guanajuato mexico from los angeles in the bus?

i want to go in december. 20 pointss

Tijuana answers:

1 Bus or train to San Diego border.
2 Walk across border to the Central Camionera de la Línea.
3 Look for a bus line that goes to Irapuato. If none, go to the main Central Camionera about ten kilometers inland and get one there.

The Línea station hosts about a half-dozen bus lines with destinations all over the country. I’m pretty sure I saw one that goes to Irapuato but for twenty measly points I’m not about to go there to verify that. If not, the main station has everything.

You can go from the Línea bus station to the main one by intra-urban bus (one of the schoolbuses on the street in front of the Línea bus station) for less than a dollar or by taxi for ten to twenty dollars. The bus lines at the Línea can also take you to the main bus station, especially if they have a route to Irapuato out of the main station.

There are a few Mexican bus lines that pass through Los Angeles on their way to Tijuana, such as Intercalifornianas and Tres Estrellas de Oro. They maintain their own little stations in Latino neighborhoods (look around MacArthur Park and downtown by Fifth Avenue) and advertise in the local Latino press. They are cheaper than Greyhound.

The Customs pavilion at the pedestrian entrance to Tijuana contains an office of the INM. You’ll want to check in with them: foreigners need an FMM-Turista and Mexican citizens need a free FMM. At the end of the pavilion is a tourist information kiosk where you can get more information and maps.

Bus travel is more extemporaneous in Mexico than it is in the U.S. We tend to show up at the station, buy our ticket, and wait for the next departure. No reservations: first come, first served. Round-trip tickets cost a little less than two one-way tickets; to use the return ticket, you show up at the station to secure your place on the bus.

If you come down by train, which is a pleasant trip, Amtrak ends at Union Station in San Diego. You then transfer to the Tijuana Trolley and get off where it ends at the international border.

Betty asks…

Can someone please answer this question about Golden Corral?

Well, I am gonna go to Tijuana, Mexico and I REALLY BADLY wanna go to Golden Corral, but i don’t know where the resturant is located at or if there is a Golden Corral at all. Can you please tell me where the Golden Corral is at in Tijuana, Mexico, the address, phone number, and send me a little map if you can!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Tijuana answers:

Golden Corral does not have any locations in Mexico.

John asks…


Who Knows a GOOD EYE DOCTOR In TIJUANA MEXICO, I need contact lenses and here in San Diego Cost me Over 350.00 Dlls, a friend Told me that in Tijuana Prices are less than here but i Don’t Know Where to go

Tijuana answers:

Hello Body I know a Good one His Name Dr. Alberto Monier, He’s a very Good Eye Doctor, I Pay for my contacts 130 Dlls for treatment of 1 year including eye examination, (24 monthly disposables contact lenses for a full year) i bought for my daughter an EyeGlasses for Only 50 Dlls eye Exam include too.
Address: Blvd. Sanchez Taboada #929 Plaza Hotel Monaco, Zona Centro( Very Close from Border croosing)
Tel: (619) 618-2503 or (011+52+664)638-1042
or print a map at
They are very kind and friendly, and they accept American VISA, MASTERCARD and PayPal
take care my friend and GOD BLESS U

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