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Tijuana Mexico Map

Mark asks…

Driving directions fron Juarez to Morelia?

Can anybody give me dirving directions from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua to Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico)? The map websites I’ve tried give me oddball answeres – like Morelia is in Tijuana.

Tijuana answers:

Well ´every body has gave you maps and all now I gonna tell you the route

from Juarez take the PANAMERICANA to the south to Chihuahua city…once in CHIHUAHUA ask for the exit to DELICIAS then keep south until you reach GOMEZ PALACIO-TORREON metro area. Before getting into Torreon exit south to Durango speedway after that watch for an exit that says CUENCAME from there go to ZACATECAS, after that drive south to AGUASCALIENTES, then go to LEON then go to SALAMANCA… From there the road is a 2 lane highway to VALLE DE SANTIAGO then to URIANGATO-MOROLEON then you will cross the big lagoon of Cuitzeo and finaly you will be 20 mins away from MORELIA

Carol asks…

Thank you guys for the answer about Tijuana, but I am safe if I go there during the day light?

Or is much better forget that?
AM I ?

Tijuana answers:

Altho Tijuana is a high-crime city, it’s mostly burglary and car theft, and practiced against local residents, not tourists.

(Yes, there are the narcotics cartels tnere, but as Buggsy Siegel said decades ago about the Mafia, “we only kill each other . . .”)

The city knows which side its bread is buttered, and is very active in protecting tourists. Which means you will do well to stick to the tourist areas – tho in the daytime I and many other Americans have walked around different colonias (neighborhoods) with zero problems. At least in the daytime.

(Can I safely walk around all areas of the city in which you live, anytime, night or day? And if so, is there more to do on a weekend night than go the butcher shop to watch the new meat slicer in action?)

You’re safe as you’d be in Main Street USA in the downtown tourist area. This is the Avenida Revolucion (revolutionary activity took place there in 1911), lined with shops, boutiques, bars, restaurants, phamacies, all making a living off the large tourist trade.

Americans call it “Main Street.” A cab from the border (just thru the gates into Mexico) runs $5 to this street. It runs from roughly Second Street to 9th St. You can pick up a map of the area in the tourist booth just past the heavy swinging border gates into TJ.

If you have a car you should also go down to the River Zone, Zona Rio. Lots of nice restaruants, shopping malls, etc. Even a huge statue at one of the traffic circles of Abraham Lincoln breaking the chains of bondage.

Also with a car (or a jitney type cab is only around $4) you can drive the 17 miles on a good toll road south to Rosarito Beach, a resort mainly for Americans. Also lots of shops, restaruants,etc and less pushy and insistent than the vendors in the shops on Main Street in TJ. Cheap horseback riding on the beach, too. At bit further south is the Fox Studio, on the ocean, where the movie Titanic was filmed. (Locals will still tell stories about how Leonardo and his pals tore up the local bars.)

If you’re going to purchase something in the TJ curio shops never pay more than 40% of the initial asking price. And on a slow day you may be able to get it for less. An owner of the shop will be more likely to give you the discount than a salesperson there.

The other responses are a joke. Either people who don’t know the city, or who are eager to slam Mexico. TJ is still the most visited city in the world – and the great majority of the visitors are Americans. Also, many Americans live in the Northern Baja area. On Avenida Revolucion on a weekend most of the faces you’ll see are gringos.

There are to be sure more intersting and attractive areas than downtown TJ. (I mentioned some of them.) But the horror stories you read here are – plainly – BS a la mode.

However, if you are timid and fearful, don’t go! Or if you are going to get schwacked or doped and act like an Ugly American down there, no, don’t go. I’ve seen young American girls late nite on Revolucion puking on the street, and disgracing themselves and their country with outrageously obscene behavior.

No, don’t go. Instead, walk a half block south of the Gaslamp on a Sat nite, down near the tracks. Some interesting folk may emerge from the alleyways. And note how many SDPD cars patrol that area. Think they just want to add local flavor for the Midwestern tourists?

Or take a nice Friday eve tour of San Diego’s Barrio Logan, around 30th and Imperial. Thrill a minute! Or even the US Marine city of Oceanside on a dark and stormy night! Just like Baghdad . . . And we’ve even had a recent crme “surge” in Oceanside, like we needed that!

Gimme a break!

Betty asks…

How to cross over to mexico from san ysidro,new entrance?

i heard they shut down the old way,where do i get in now?
OBviously u dont know,why bother answering…believe me its closed just dont know where the new entrance is at…walking or driving…the reason they closed it cause their remodeling the san ysidro border,their extending it and they took out the entrance to mexico but rerouted it somewhere else,wanted to know where.that was my question i dont need no stupid answers!!!

Tijuana answers:

I usually avoid the San Ysidro border crossing with a passion. I prefer the Otay Mesa (Garita de Otay) crossing any day (preferably during the week). You can also try the Tecate crossing about 35 miles not kilometers, east of Tijuana (check. Google maps).

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