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Tijuana Mexico Map

Sharon asks…

Police stations in Tijuana, Mexico?

Can someone find me a list of the addresses of all the police stations in Tijuana, Mexico?

I tried looking in the usual places: google maps, live maps, etc. No luck.

Tijuana answers:

Directory of all police stations in Tijuana (in Spanish):

Susan asks…

Driving Directions to Mexico?

Okay, I give up. I am trying to find out how long it would to drive from Los Angeles to Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico (near Guadalajara). Half the sites/maps I go to don’t seem to accept driving directions to Mexico (INCLUDING GOOGLE, unless you want to tell me what I’m doing wrong). Yahoo! Maps will give me directions to Tijuana, Mexico & Ensenada, Mexico – but not to Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. I’ve tried shortening it to just Zapopan or just Jalisco or even Guadalajara, and it’s not working. So, I give up – what am I doing wrong? Can you not drive there!?!

Tijuana answers:

Hahaha, hold on don’t give up yet, give up after knowing how many hours you’ll need to drive!! From Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico to Zapopan Jalisco Mexico is going to take you around 20 hours and 45 minutes, and 2,100km. I am from Zapopan which is really close to Guadalajara, maybe you can try driving from los Angeles to the border to mexico, Mexicali, BC, Mexico, and then all the way to zapopan, if you want to know how to do it you can go to the secretaria de comunicaciones y transporte’s webpage and click where says traza tu ruta (i’ll give you the link then just complete the information to get directions, this webpage will give you kilometers, the amount of money you’ll need (tolls) complete directions, driving time and so much more info that I am sure will help you, in caseyou need help with spanish let me know i’ll be glad to help, now you just need to see how to get to the border to mexico, might help you 🙂 good luck!!

Chris asks…

Driving directions from tijuana mexico to guadalajara, jalisco mexico.?

Tijuana answers:

You are going to go south east to Sonora. In fact I recommend that you go on the US side, on I-10 and cross the border in Nogales. The roads on the US side are better and no tolls. From Nogales, go south to Hermosillo, Cd. Obegon, Culiacan, Tepic and Guadalajara. A map would be a lot of help. Good luck!! I am from Guadalajara

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