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Tijuana Mexico Map

Helen asks…

What is probability of a tall building collapsing in an earthquake ?

We live in mexico in a tall apartment building , is it possible for it to callapse in an earthquake ??
I am terrified of earthquakes !!!
I live in mexico city !!
I live in a well consticted building up to code

Tijuana answers:

Go to the link and try to estimate the chance of an earthquake in your area. If you are between Oaxaca and Acapulco, or between Tijuana and San Luis, you probably should not live in anything above ground level.


David asks…

How do you order a map of tijuana, mexico? Or a phonebook?

where do you find mexican maps?
where do you find mexican maps?

Tijuana answers:

You may want to consider making your own………… .I am not too sure about mapquest but the other two are excellent. and

Sandra asks…

How to go to US consulate in Tijuana, Mexico?

How to get there if you are from LA? (direction)
I am planning to drive to the border and park my car, cross the border and take a taxi?
How much money should I bring with me for transportation and parking?
Is this the best way to do it or???


Tijuana answers:

Search in google maps, these is the address:

Consulado Americano

Diego Rivera 2, Zona Río, 22320 Baja California

Phone 01 664 634 2965?

Drive to san Diego, you can drive to Mèxico, but your insurance may not cover, besides driving back might take a while, long lines to enter back to the US.

A taxi will charge $10-20 (single way), I will recommend a taxi, park in the US, walk across the border then take a taxi, parking in the US charges $5-10/day.

Do not bring firearms or ammunition, it is prohibited in Mexico. Your cellphone will probably will be online at all times.

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