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Tijuana Mexico News

Michael asks…

Does anyone knows anything about sepultura playing in tijuana october 5?


Tijuana answers:

Yes, that is what has been scheduled.

Their October tour dates are:

04.10.2006 Mexicali – Mexico

05.10.2006 Tijuana – Mexico

06.10.2006 Hermosilo – Mexico

07.10.2006 Mexico – Mexico

12.10.2006 Cabo Frio, RJ – Brazil

14.10.2006 São Paulo – Brazil

For ticket info, and latest breaking news, keep checking their official website at the link given below:

Chris asks…

can i run away to mexico?

okay so i am 16 and i am fed up with my current life i want to start over. i live in l.a. and was born in mexico so i would be a legal citizen already

my grandma owns about 20 acres of farm land. im pretty sure she would let me live there.

but i want to know what i need to do to run away or any tips. i don’t really care about finishing school i just want to help my grandma farm

Tijuana answers:

First of all, have you read the newspaper or watched the news lately? Mexico drug wars are out of control right now. Ppl are being beheaded down there! Also, going from LA to MX, I am assuming that you would be crossing at Tijuana. Do you realize that American girls regularly are kidnapped in that area for prostitution purposes? These are not made up scare tactics, they are facts. You obviously have the internet, so please do some research and be safe. 2nd- you need to ck with your g-ma and not assume that she will want you to stay there. Can she afford another mouth to feed? And last but not least – we all get “fed up” with our lives now and then. The best thing that you can do to minimize this is to create goals and find interests that you enjoy. Keep looking for something new to add to your life, be it a new experience or new friend. Part of maturity is learning to deal with our lives, not running from them.

Mark asks…

Does any one know what documents i need to rent in tijuana mexico?

I live in san Diego and will soon move to tijuana. I’m going to rent a condo or house and I just want to know if anyone knows what documents I will need.. for example I know for a fact I will NOT need my social security num. But what other documents do owners ask for to rent out their house? Someone who is familar pls help.

Tijuana answers:

You only need money deposits, maybe public services receipts with an address(as water, electric) and an ID
I live in tijuana it is a nice city, over here is not that violent how people and the news think, it is not the safest place in the world but u will not get kidnapped as a lot of foreign people think,

Here are some real state agents that u can trust on and ask them ur concerns

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