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Tijuana Mexico News

Linda asks…

where and when can i get tickets for the mexico vs argentina game!?

Tijuana answers:


According to the April 18 story in the San Diego Union Tribune, ticketmaster will start a presale next Tuesday April 22.

“Mexico-Argentina tickets to go on sale”

April 18, 2008

Tickets for the June 4 soccer match between Mexico and Argentina at Qualcomm Stadium go on sale Tuesday, with an if.

The public sale doesn’t begin until May 5, but a two-week presale begins Tuesday at noon – only on Ticketmaster’s Web site and only if you use a Visa credit card. Once the public sale starts, tickets will be available online, by phone and at various outlets across the county and Tijuana. Prices range from $25 to $100.

Ruth asks…

how safe is tijuana?

How safe is tijuana nowadays? what is needed to get across the border and is walking across the border safe???
Ok what about taking a bus across to and from tijuana??

Tijuana answers:

“you WILL get mugged, harassed, or killed by fly-by bullets” Wow.

I get pissed when I see comments like this. Specially when people who don’t have an idea and just sticks to whatever everybody says. About 5,000 people cross to Mexico DAILY, now, you don’t hear in the news about 5,000 people getting killed daily, do you? I live in San DIego and go to Tijuana about once every two weeks, I hang out at what are called “the most dangerous places” and sometimes I stay there for the weekend. Simple as this, if you’re not in the drug business or you don’t mess around with people, then you’re totally safe.

Sandra asks…

Why are people saying it’s too dangerous to go to Tijuana?

if it was my church group wouldn’t be going. They’ve been going every year and had no problem. What’s so different about this year? Even if you enter from San Diego it’s still dangerous?

Tijuana answers:

If you have been keeping up with the news, you would realize that no place is safe in Mexico, even the high-end tourist spots. The drug cartels seem to have taken control of much of the country….they are ruthless, murderous thugs who have no code of honor by which to set any moral standards. As noble as your trip and mission might be, you are taking your chances by traveling to Mexico; but if you do go, Vaya con Dios!

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