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Tijuana Mexico News

Donna asks…

Dose the San Diego Trolley go right into Mexico?

im just wondering if the trolley goes right across the border or how close will it get you do the border.
im planing ton going down to San Diego so i want to go over to Tijuana so im just finding out info on it.
how much does it cost to ride it ?
Also is it safe to go over to Tijuana im not from the United States so i dont hear as much stuff thats been going on in Mexico with the cartels they dont show much on Canadian news stations or in papers.
Thank you everyone for your help 🙂

Tijuana answers:

The Trolley does not go right in to Mexico. Its last stop on the Blue Line is San Ysidro which is yards from the border and you would walk across to get into Tijuana (“T.J.”).

The Trolley costs $5 for an all-day pass.

I don’t think it is very safe to go to Tijuana, but if you can’t resist, definitely go during the day and stay on the beaten path where other tourists are. There’s enough shopping to do on the U.S. Side right in San Ysidro (and an outlet mall within a mile from the trolley as well). You can get a good view of Tijuana and the hillsides from the pedestrian overpass for photographs.

Laura asks…

Tijuana border looking for deus ex machina?

hopefully you see this.
so there is a mexican immigration!! i mean ,they do check who is entering their country!
but once u enter Tj are only the mexicans who does check you or the US and mexican borders do work somehow together??
does the usa patrol check who is going to mexico at all??
if you walk to mexico you said you can just go, there is little isnpection. any idea why if you walk they don’t care that much???
and now i quote you “Typically everyone with the intent to immigrate is leaving Mexico so they have little worry of a pedestrian trying to immigrate to Mexico illegally. What that means??there are people who want to immigrate to mexico from the USA?? (i know i probably sound stupid right now)
last it walking dangerous??? meaning…drug dealers or bad things like that can happen right at the border??

Tijuana answers:

There are many expatriates living in Mexico. You can walk into Mexico, drive in or fly in, and there is no one to stop you. You need proper paper work if you wish to stay in Mexico, buy a business or a home. Its complicated, but there are many expats who are in Mexico illegally. Its not news that there are drug dealers and bad”things” in every country in the world.

Sandra asks…

Can I fly to Mexico without a passport?

I’m going to Mexico for a while. I know for a fact that I can get a U.S. Passport in Mexico City. And I’m going to be in the city long enough to wait for the red tape. All I want to know is can I get on an airplane in either The States or Tijuana, and fly to Mexico City? I realize there is a Mexican Military check point about 30 miles away from the border, I jut need to know if I can get out of the airport in Mexico City without a passport. Not re-enter the United States.

Tijuana answers:

Without much to go on but your question, I think we can all assume you’re not one to turn on the news. How you missed this big deal topic in the media within the last year is beyond me. And I love your assumption about being long enough in MC to wait for your passport. Haven’t dealt with the American embassy here lately, have you? And I’ll ask the question everyone else seems to have missed – What phenominally stupid illegal act are you about to commit?

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