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Tijuana Mexico News

Nancy asks…

Besides the Hype of the news,Is it still o.k. for americans to visit Juarez mexico?

Me and a few buddies are going to meet up in El paso Texas,then we decided to head down Juarez mexico just to see the sites,we all got out passports and notified our families of our intended little sightseeing.. Can you give me and my friends some factual insight of whats going on down there? the news tends to exaggerate on things just to kick up their ratings (not all tv news stations)..anyways if you have factual information that would lean on your highly recommendation for us not to go,let us know.. thank you..

Tijuana answers:

This advice would also apply to Tijuana:
Stay on the main streets in the downtown area. Always be aware of your surroundings – if you see something that doesn’t make sense, walk away. If you see truckloads of armed police or military going someplace (which is not unusual at all), go the other way (you DON”T want to know what they are doing), and NEVER take pictures of police or military – they really dislike that (off duty police and military tend to be popular targets for the bad guys). Plan your trip so you are back over the border before dark. Twenty years ago, I thought nothing of coming back over the border at 2:00 am. I wouldn’t even consider that now.

Be careful, and chances are you’ll have a great time.

Mandy asks…

Is Mexico really dangerous?

My family wants to go to Rosarito for a week. I watch the news alot, so I am aware of all the violence in Mexico. I’ve been to EL SALVADOR before, nothing went wrong. Do you think Tijuana will be fine?

Tijuana answers:

Baja is fine, I live in Sothern Baja and we have more problems with tourists than Narco’s, Tijuana is a little nuts but it’s a huge city, Rosarito, Ensenada are fine

Mark asks…

mexicos presidents approval rating is double that of bush,,,isnt that grounds for impeachment?

jezuz……the impoverished, criminal infested, drug pushing, third world of mexico loves their president……can we send bush to tijuana?

Tijuana answers:

Nope only if you get caught getting a BJ in the Oval Office…..

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