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Tijuana Mexico News

Mandy asks…

I am planning to open a model agency in Mexico. What name could you suggest for it?

Question Details: It would be stablished in Tijuana Mex. Border With San Diego Ca.
It’s for runways, publicity, fashion events, marketing aid, etc.
In the firs stage will be opened in Tijuana and Chihuahua Mex.
Would like something very fashionable and sticky.
Thanks 4 posting

Tijuana answers:

It can be tough coming up with a good business name. I can’t help you with any suggestions myself but I found this article that might help you decide what to name your new modeling agency:
Good luck and I hope this helps you ‘get the juices flowing!’

Mary asks…

How bad is it to travel to Cancun mexico … My husband and I are really nervous about flying to mexico?

Because of all the crap you here at the news…We are planning to go on April 16th till the 24th.. My husband is white this is why I worry more
ment to say hear in the news sorry 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Cancun is really beautiful… It’s one of the most secure city in Mexico. The cities you should worry about are: Distrito Federal, Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, etc.
When you go to Cancun please visit Xel-ha and Xcaret. You can swim with dolphins. You will really enjoy it, plus the city is ideal for a couple-trip. Many tourists come visit Cancun

Betty asks…

What is the current state of Tijuana?

I have not heard any narco-related news about Tijuana in the past six months. Has the violence ceased there? Is Avenue de la Revolucion back to normal?

Tijuana answers:

I live in Tijuana & cross the border everyday to go to work…

That said, the violence has declined dramatically. You hear alot of stories but many are unconfirmed & rumors.

As for the Revolucion, it isn’t back to normal as it lacks tourism! The night life has changed and pretty much the locales located on 6th, near the revolucion are VERY VERY busy.

Lots of road construction going on in the surrounding streets so be patient with traffic!!

Puerto Nuevo, (we went several weeks ago) and got 3 lobsters, chips, salsa, rice, tortillas for $17!!!!

A quick link I picked up from another poster PLAYA DUDE, tourist are 26 times safer in Mexico than in the US!


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