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Jenny asks…

Is it really dangerous to travel to Mexico right now?

We want to go to Cancun.. and the deals are prettycheap Even 5 star resorts are great deals. But I keep hearing that the cartel is kidnapping people for ransom, and shooting cops on the street. Is this true? Any news articles on this? I would think a travel bus from the airport to one of the resorts would be prime pickings for these guys. Are you hearing the same things?

Anyone go to Cancun recently? Did it feel safe (ie: good security, no crazy gunmen running around)??

Tijuana answers:

Alright, so let me start off by saying this:

1. I live in Cancun.

2. I’m American, and I’ve lived in Mexico almost half of my life.

3. There is a campaign against Mexico Right now so many people spend their money Inside America for Spring Break and not in other countries.

4. I Think Las Vegas is more unsafe than Cancun right now honestly 😛 (just got back from there.)

It’s safe. Lived here for a while now and no I haven’t been robbed, kidnapped, or anything. No one I know has.

Relaaaax. Haha. The idea of crazy gunmen running around outside of my house is kinda funny haha. XD

Avoid Tijuana, Juarez, and all the northern cities. Come to the south border where everything is chill and away from that ghetto stuff. Basically, everything underneath Mexico City and Guadalajara is excellent.

Come to CUN ;D you’ll love it. I loved Cancun so much I stayed here haha. Haven’t had a problem here at all (except for the slow internet :[ but the white sand, cyan water, and snorkling make up for it ;D )

Paul asks…

Is there irony in the nuclear arms race?

I’d like to point out that the U.S. was the first country to develop nuclear weapons, and the only country to use them in warfare. Yet, somehow the U.S. has become the watchdog for countries developing nuclear weapons. Maybe the other countries are developing “weapons of mass destruction” because the U.S. is a perceived threat. I just read in the news about declassified documents that described U.S. waxing and waning intent to nuke north korea since the sixties. Who is the real terrorist and how do we end this vicious cycle?

Tijuana answers:

I don’t think the US is going to last another 50 years with you ignorant people ruling the nation. The US economy will continue suffering until it cannot sustain its top gun USS Navy and 14000 war heads no more. It will be a classic monumental collapse like the Mayan and the Roman Empire leaving only the statue of liberty standing inclined half way down covered by the waist of your own nuclear soot discharge after some of your own lunatic Mormon fanatic from the hills got his hands on one or two war heads. Crumble from within. Shifting the balance of financial and economical power to the EU and Asia. Leaving the US isolated. Forcing you guys to reconcile with your long slave neighbour nation Mexico. Perhaps the illegal immigration will U turn. Having yanks crossing the border southwards, working for $2 p.h. Wages as brick layers and housekeepers. Or as cook assistants making hamburgers instead of tacos in low class restaurants in Tijuana. What comes around must go around they say, right?

So if you guys still want to safe your United Police State of North America make sure you hit the books and educate yourself on world affairs and a bit of history too! Start with the Nuclear bomb Truman dropped months after the Japs wanted surrender but were rejected by your government because they had to avenge first American losses and show off the bomb to scare the Russians off when they learned the Russians defeated the Germans (and not you) and were closing in on the Japs in Manchuria. It was your president (Truman) that should be remembered as the real Omen.

After the nuclear bomb on the Japs follow with a good textbook on the Vietnam War. 2 million civilians died by napalm and indiscriminate carpet bombing on little villages. But at the end the gooks won. They defeated you because they were fighting for their independence and their freedom. Because they had no choice after you guys burnt their huts and destroyed their rise land, leaving them with the slaughtered women and children behind. The only war you fought bravely and was legitimate was WW2. After that you were involved in illegal wars and for Oil and more power. But now the world is changing. New technologies will replace oil and gas. And since your culture is so addicted to hydrocarbon you will fall behind the rest off the world. When the world is switching to the age of environmental sustainable renewable energy, you will be stuck in time, because your right wing republican oil voters will overrule any green bill in congress that threatens your Oil industry. Leaving you no other choice but to continue waging war (oh sorry I mean policing!) on little defenceless primitive nations in the middle east sucking every last drop of oil they got left.

Long live the American dream!

Laura asks…

Is it STILL safe to travel to Cancun, Mexico?

We were planning on going on a trip to Cancun with my family, but Im getting numerous news about kidnappings, drugs, and killings in Mexico. Its out of control. Whats the status now?


Tijuana answers:

Hi, im not mexican but i can tell taht u have been influenced by the media (like everyone).
But just rememeber that all this things u hear in tv happen in toher cities, tijuana and mostly northern cities or the city of mexico which has 30 million people so lots of things can happen.
Mexico is one of the most visited coutries in the worls, and the most visited in Latinamerica.

Last year a canadian family was shot, and it was all over the news and people freaked out. So if it wasnt a safe place, you be hearing about a lots from canadian and us families being killed, and u are not.

Most of the violence in mexico (like elsewhere in latinamerica) happens within rings of trafficants and the civils themslefs, its rarely the turists.

So go to Mexico, and everywhere else in the world unless there is a freaking civil war or something u shoudl be fine.

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