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George asks…

Are you fearfull of visiting or living in Mexico?

Many people seem to have a fear of going to Mexico, because of drug cartels, corruption, etc. Do you find this to be true, or would you visit freely? are some places better than others. I would prefer small villages to large cities, but maybe the reverse would be better.

Tijuana answers:

As a resident of Tijuana, I can assure you that the talk about drug cartels is almost pure nonsense. The violence involved in the drug business is usually kept between cartel members and to sparsely populated areas. Here in Mexico, our cities are also our counties, so when the news says that somebody was executed in Ciudad Juárez it’ll be out with the cows and not down on the main streets.

Corruption has been on the rise since September, when a bunch of scoundrels stole the presidential election, but tourists are unlikely to be confronted by that problem. Just stay away from political big-wigs and their parties.

Large cities have the amenities you would expect in large cities, along with traffic congestion and a wide range of personalities. Smaller towns are quieter and more folkloric.

Nancy asks…

Is it legal to have a 5×7 mexican flag in the front porch of your house in the US?

The ” people ” across the street have a huge flag in front of their house , i was going to call INS on them but after doing some investigation i found out that these ” people ” are actually legal and their kids are US citizens , is that legal , is there anything i can do ? HELP !

Tijuana answers:

Flags, that I know of, do not come in 5×7 and that is in foot measurements not in inches. But as you said it is a “huge flag” so it is safe to assume you are speaking of a 5′ by 7′ flag.
Your time spent investigating their legal status may have been better spent getting to know them as your neighbors and not as enemies of the state. For as many times as I read on Yahoo Answer about (paraphrased) it is the illegal ones we protest/detest the legal ones are o.k., your answer revels differently.
Maybe you can give another reason other than your interest of your neighbors immigration status that leads you to question and threaten to report your “legal” neighbors. What harm has come from the flying of their flag? How has this flag interfered with your life and happiness? Who else beside you has questioned this flags presents on their own home?

I think the question you are posting today is for attention and for the sake of raising a few hairs, but I also feel that this post is nothing more than a lie. It is something you have done in the past and are doing today as you will for quite sometime to come. In essence things change as you grow but first you have to act as an adult for those changes to occur. (in part)

“After i am done having sex with my partner , she throws out sperm from her vagina ,is it normal?’
“my partner wants to have a baby , she is now 35 yrs i am 33 and we have no kids”…….

“I am thinking of traveling to Tijuana , any good clubs or strip clubs?’
“I have not been to TJ since i was 19 . That was 12 yrs ago”……

“Thinking of moving to Mexico for a couple of months, best city to move?”
“Hello i am a 19 yr old male “…..

Strange questions for a man who changes his age and is suspicious of a “Mexican” flag on a porch.

Mexico’ flags made in America.

“The Mexican flag returns to Los Angeles”

“There are very strong rules etc about flying flags …”
Then why are so many of the violators shown in your link American citizens?

“MSNBC’s Martin Bashir accused Sarah Palin of a possible breach of federal law, saying that the flag (painted on her bus) should never be used for advertising purposes.”…..
“Sarah Palin is seen signing a flag for a supporter. Flag Code: “The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.”…..
“The Allstate Sugar Bowl opening ceremony featured Lady Antebellum. Behind them the oversized American flag fell to the ground in front of a national audience. Two Flag Code violations were committed by this ceremony:”…..
“Flags overprinted with the new President’s image and name are distributed to celebrate his inauguration.”…..
“Byron Brown, the mayor of Buffalo, ordered all flags at city buildings lowered to half-staff in honor of news journalist Tim Russert”…..
“June 10, 2007, the woman’s flag is union out; the man is wearing flag shorts; his flag is touching the ground.”……
“President Bush and first lady Laura Bush stand on a carpet of the American flag at Ground Zero in Manhattan, the site of the September 11, 2001 attack.”……
“Janet Jackson’s “costume malfunction” made international news; that same half-time show featured the wearing of an American flag by performer Kid Rock. He later removed the flag poncho and hurled it over his head.”…..
“In July 2003 President Bush autographed a small flag. This picture was circulated across the Internet noting its violation of the Flag Code:”…….

Linda asks…

Do you know the time frame for the “effects” of the border wall in San Diego on crime?

Some people claim that the border wall in San Diego dropped crime by 50%. Over what time frame did this happen? And what were the changes in the crime rate in other cities far from the border during that time span?

Tijuana answers:

It was very short. I’ll try to find it for you.

I’m laughing, because the first link that came up was this one which may have spurred your question. However, while it says the 82% drop in border crime cited by the Border Patrol from the fence is just an indication of crime dropping everywhere, they fail to show another area where crime dropped 82%. It was 50% in San Diego overall, according to this.

Where I saw it was an FBI report, however, which I am still looking for.


Here’s this, but still border patrol: “Before construction of a 10-mile stretch of fence between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, in 1994, authorities caught more than 500,000 illegals there each year. The number dropped to about 100,000 by 2002 before ticking upward recently, Border Patrol spokeswoman Wendi Lee says. Meanwhile, violent crimes linked to illegals, including murders, robberies and assaults, fell 46% in the San Diego area after the fence was built, she says.

“The fence brought order to an extremely dangerous border,” Hunter says. Before the fence, he says, there was “lots of fear.” Now, “people don’t have to worry about smugglers coming through.”

This from Frist’s web page:

“Take the case of San Diego. According to the FBI Crime Index, crime in San Diego County dropped 56.3% between 1989 and 2000, after a fence stretching from the Ocean to the mountains near San Diego was substantially completed. And, according to numbers provided by the San Diego Sector Border Patrol in February 2004, apprehensions decreased from 531,689 in 1993 to 111,515 in 2003. ”

However, fences aren’t all that is needed, and other things do work, they are just more expensive and require continued political will, which none of us trust the government to maintain:

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