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Tijuana Mexico News

James asks…

Is it to dangerous to go to Mexico?

Well, i live in Texas. But my grama lives in Mexico and i wanna go visit her, but my parents say its too dangerous! Is it?
I want to go to Reynosa!

Tijuana answers:

The boarder towns are a problem but I live in Mexico and I follow the news and the American Embassy reports. The drug cartels are not targeting tourists and the rumors you hear and get started here on the internet are just that it is hard to find official reports of the stories I read or hear on the web or the Yahoo Answers. But I live in Mexico and I am here to tell you you will be safe if you follow common sense and not flash your cash, wear fancy jewelry or go looking for trouble.
You often hear something like “200 Americans were killed in Mexico in the past four years. But if you really look into those numbers, as the Houston Chronicle did, you will find that all but 70 of those victims were either criminals or were part of a drug buy gone bad. So around 70 completely innocent tourists died—out of 58 million visitors over that time period. About as many foreign tourists died in the US over that same time period.
That equates to 1 in 842,857, or 0.0000012 percent. To put that in perspective, those odds lie somewhere between your chance of dying in an airplane crash (1 in 659,779) or by being killed by flesh-eating bacteria (1 in 1,252,488).
But it gets even better. Most of the slain Americans were killed in just three cities: the border towns Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez and Nuevo Laredo. Not one tourist was killed involved in the drug war, unless he or she was looking or participating in the sale or purchase of illegal drugs.The remaining 70 who died 43 were killed in auto accidents 16 were killed in water related accidents 1 was killed by shark attack and the rest from foul play.
Driving during the day staying on well traveled highways and not lingering along the boarder is your best advice.
LA Times reports a tourist is 26 times safer in Mexico than in the US tourist towns. Yes 26 times safer!
So show this to your parents. Tell them they are free to contact me for more information if they want. Good luck and “saludos a abuela”

Sandra asks…

Is it safe to travel to Tijuana, Mexico?

I’ve been planning to volunteer at Tiijuana for a children’s orphange. On the news, I’ve heard so many horrific reports on Tijuana. Is it really that dangerous or is the media just exaggerating?
well, i’m mostly concerned about the crime rates, not the swine flu.
ouch. tijuana doesn’t sound all that great. but, no matter what I do, I will look a tourist. I’m a high school student, who’s Asian. I can’t even speak Spanish without an accent. But, from the articles I’ve read, it appears that many of the crimes happen to people involved in the crimes themselves (drugs, prostitution, exc).

Tijuana answers:

My mom’s on her way to to Tijuana right now (that’s where she goes to visit a natural medicine doctor). She goes at least once a month and has never had a problem, my brother-in-law has lived there for about 35 years (all his life) and has never had a problem, I’ve visited many times (including orphanages) and have never had a problem. It doesn’t matter that you’re Asian (there are plenty of Mexican Asians) and don’t speak Spanish, many people there speak English. If you’re going to an orphanage you are probably going with a group and so you won’t need to get around on your own…the violence in Tijuana (and the rest of Mexico) is due to drug wars and has nothing to do with those who are not involved. There have been instances where tourists have been targeted but they are not so common, Mexican authorities/law enforcement are being pressured by locals (especially local business owners and taxi drivers–those that benefit the most from tourism) to patrol and be more aware of thugs in the area so as to not scare away tourists. My advice to you is to just be aware of your surroundings and stay with your group–most orphanages are not in the middle of all the bustle and hustle anyway. Good luck!

Nancy asks…

news about decapitaded bodies found in tijuana mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Yes, what happened is awful, could be the work of drug cartels.

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