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Tijuana Mexico News

Maria asks…

Mexico Car Permits?

I am going to Guanajuato in December and I know I will need a permit to drive there. Does anyone know where I can get one in the Los Angeles area?
or in Tijuana?

Tijuana answers:

Check out the Web site for the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles. Under Mexico’s “Paisano” program (a program to help immigrants returning home to Mexico for the holidays), they used to allow you to take care of this there.
If not, the program has a staff set up at the border entry points to help guide all of the returning “paisanos” speed through all this. It’s pretty easy as long as you have your documents – title and insurance. You can buy Mexican insurance heading into Mexico.

Check out these links for more information:

Joseph asks…

how can i watch the news in Mexico ? In Tijuana border?

Tijuana answers:

Subscribe to a cable or satellite system that carries Spanish networks like Univision or Telemundo. A few states like California and Texas with large spanish-speaking populations carry the channels free.

Sharon asks…

For those of you who have walked/gone/traveled to Tijuana, Mexico?

The question is for those of you who have gone/walked to Tijuana, Mexico was it safe to walk/go straight to Tijuana, Mexico?

Since I wonder if it’s the media and ignorance that makes it appear where crossing the border even through secrecy between San Diego & Tijuana dangerous unsafe i.e. gangs, shootings, drug cartel dealers, violence etc…

I wonder if the same analogy of Israel for an example that it’s not violent in the places where only Jews live, but in the 3 territories where the Palatines are present i.e. West Bank, Gaza Strip that’s where the violence, bombings happen and the media makes it appear that, that’s the whole picture of the whole rest of the country of Israel. So I wonder about the same thing about Tijuana, Mexico like where it’s central of San Diego to the south where there are border patrols and a line of cars being secured, when you go past to the border patrols part and still on that road where it takes you to Tijuana and the central parts of the city where it’s not violent. The only parts where the violence, gang rivals, shootings, drug smugglers, drug dealers all that happen is the outskirts of Tijuana rural area where there’s no roads and where a fence lays separating the U.S and Mexican Border, that’s where all that happens. I’m a right about this?
The reason that I ask this is because I plan to travel straight to Tijuana, Mexico and plan to stay at a San Diego, Ca hotel…

Tijuana answers:

Yes, there is violence here but there are over 2 million tijuanences here who a good law abiding citizens. It is not as bad as the news makes out to be.

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